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Filmska industrija gre po poteh glasbene

Filmska industrija gre po poteh glasbene

Slashdot - Po zgledu glasbene industrije je tudi filmska industrija oznanila, da bodo že ta teden začeli s tožbami proti uporabnikom, ki nelegalno delijo filme preko interneta.

Glavni cilj tožb bodo oboževalci, ki delijo večje količine digitaliziranih filmov preko peer-to-peer omrežij, niso pa omenili natanko katero omrežje bodo vzeli pod drobnogled. Pri MPAA (Motion Pictures of America), filmski različici združenja RIAA, niso hoteli dati nobenega komentarja, so pa povedali, da bo njihov šef podal podrobnejšo izjavo danes. Filmski studii ne pravijo približno koliko tožb bi naj bilo, se je pa omenjala številka okoli 200.

MPAA trdi, da zaradi piratstva izgubilo približno 3 milijarde dolarjev letno, ne omenjajo pa koliko od tega pa naj bi po njihovem "prispevalo" internetno piratstvo. Edino kar omenjajo je, da je "industrija zaradi nalinijskega piratstva ogrožena".

Gotovo bodo s tem izkoreninili piratstvo ravno tako kot so ga dejanja združbe RIAA.

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bmocnik ::

Taka sporočila so se začela pojavljati pri nas. Ali ima še kdo kakršnekoli izkušnje ali komentar ?

0:) Spostovani!
Sporocamo vam, da smo prejeli prijavo, ki se nanasa na domnevne krsitve avtorskih pravic (glej prilogo). Opozarjamo vas, da je izmenjava materijala brez poprejsnjega dovoljenja nosilca avtorskih pravic lahko kazniva po slovenski zakonodaji, prav tako pa ni v skladu s Pravili dopustne uporabe omrezja AMIS.

> [copyright@mediasentry.com - Tue Nov 02 01:45:00 2004]:
> Monday, November 01, 2004
> Medinet d.o.o.
> Trzaska 85
> Maribor, SI-2000 SI
> RE: Unauthorized Distribution of the Copyrighted Motion Picture
> Entitled
> Troy - HVR
> Dear Network Abuse:
> We are writing this letter on behalf of Warner Bros. Entertainment
> Inc. ("Warner Bros.").
> We have received information that an individual has utilized the
> above-referenced IP address at the noted date and time to offer
> downloads of copyrighted motion picture(s) through a "peer-to-peer"
> service, including such title(s) as:
> Troy - HVR
> The distribution of unauthorized copies of copyrighted motion pictures
> constitutes copyright infringement under the Copyright Act, Title
> 17 United States Code Section 106(3). This conduct may also
> violate the laws of other countries, international law, and/or
> treaty obligations.

Wox ::

Hja, res ne vem kako je s tem pri nas. Bi bilo dobro slišat kakšnega pravnika. Takole se pa z antipirati pogovarjajo na Švedskem :D :

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 18:21:43 -0100 (GMT)
From: anakata
To: KMWLAW@flash.net
Subject: Re: Unauthorized Use of DreamWorks SKG Properties

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 KMWLAW@flash.net wrote:

> Dennis L. Wilson, Esq.
> 9720 Wilshire Blvd., Penthouse Suite
> Beverly Hills, CA 90212
> Tel: (310) 248-3830
> Fax: (310) 860-0363
> August 23, 2004
> ThePirateBay.org
> Box 1206
> Stockholm 11479
> tracker-40-aa-5f-03-412675c8@prq.to
> Re: Unauthorized Use of DreamWorks SKG Properties
> http://www.thepiratebay.org
> To Whom It May Concern:
> This letter is being written to you on behalf of our
> client, DreamWorks SKG (hereinafter ^ÓDreamWorks^Ô).
> DreamWorks is the exclusive owner of all copyright,
> trademark and other intellectual property rights in
> and to the ^ÓShrek 2^Ô motion picture. No one is
> authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or
> otherwise use the ^ÓShrek 2^Ô motion picture without
> the express written permission of DreamWorks.
> As you may be aware, Internet Service Providers can
> be held liable if they do not respond to claims of
> infringement pursuant to the requirements of the
> Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In
> accordance with the DMCA, we request your assistance
> in the removal of infringements of the ^ÓShrek 2^Ô
> motion picture from this web site and any other sites
> for which you act as an Internet Service Provider.
> We further declare under penalty of perjury that we
> are authorized to act on behalf of DreamWorks and
> that the information in this letter is accurate.
> Please contact me immediately to discuss this matter
> further.

As you may or may not be aware, Sweden is not a state in the United States
of America. Sweden is a country in northern Europe.
Unless you figured it out by now, US law does not apply here.
For your information, no Swedish law is being violated.

Please be assured that any further contact with us, regardless of medium,
will result in
a) a suit being filed for harassment
b) a formal complaint lodged with the bar of your legal counsel, for
sending frivolous legal threats.

It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are fucking morons, and
that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.

Please also note that your e-mail and letter will be published in full on

Go fuck yourself.

Polite as usual,
Commodore 64

CaqKa ::

uf ja.. zgornja dva mejla sta v bistvu bolj zanimiva od same novice :)

marS ::

hehe, tole pa je njihova korespondenca s Sego:

From anakata
To: law@iprights.com

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 law@iprights.com wrote:

> Dear Sirs
> Our client: SEGA Europe Limited
> We act on behalf of SEGA Europe Limited (â^À^ÜSEGAâ^À^Ý) in the enforcement of its Intellectual Property Rights in the United Kingdom.
> As you will be aware, Sega is world famous and is recognised as being an industry leader in interactive entertainment. Sega, and its software developer Sports Interactive Limited (â^À^ØSports Interactiveâ^À^Ù) have recently announced that its new football management PC game â^À^ØFOOTBALL MANAGER 2005â^À^Ù is due to be launched later this month (see: http://www.sigames.com/news.php?type=vi... ). As a result of the recent publicity our client and Sports Interactive enjoy a substantial reputation and goodwill in the FOOTBALL MANAGER name.
> Further, SEGAâ^À^Ùs developer, Sports Interactive is the owner of a UK trade mark registration for FOOTBALL MANAGER under number 2,169,952. We attach details of the UK registered trade mark for your information.
> â^À^Øthepiratebay.orgâ^À^Ù website / FOOTBALL MANAGER 2005
> It has come to our clientâ^À^Ùs attention that through the service provided by your â^À^Øthepiratebay.orgâ^À^Ù website, users are able, by clicking on a link on your website featuring the FOOTBALL MANAGER trade mark, to download an unauthorised and illegal version of our clientâ^À^Ùs new FOOTBALL MANAGER 2005 PC game. In this regard, your website is currently listing FOOTBALL MANAGER 2005 as number 1 in its â^À^ÜTop 5â^À^Ý and a substantial number of UK users used your services to download this game in the UK.
> By providing this service to UK users using the FOOTBALL MANAGER name, you are infringing the FOOTBALL MANAGER trade mark in the UK. Further, our client is concerned that due to the volume of illegal copies of our clientâ^À^Ùs FOOTBALL MANAGER 2005 PC game being provided via your service our client is losing substantial sums of money in lost sales.
> This email is ask that you immediately remove the link complained of, and to confirm that there will be no further misuse of the FOOTBALL MANAGER trade mark in relation to your services.
> In the meantime, our client reserves its rights in respect of any causes of action available to it in this matter and in respect of any claim for costs and/or damages against you. In this regard, your speed in complying with our requests will be taken into account.
> Yours faithfully
> Willoughby & Partners

Dear Sir(s), Madam(s), and/or Slimemold(s),

I have the distinct pleasure of informing you that no Swedish trademark
and/or coypyright law is being violated, regardless of how the situation
may or may not be under UK law. I would advise you to read up on Swedish
trademark law, more specifically Varumarkeslag (1960:644), as this might
save you a great deal of future humiliation.

I would also advise you to
a) not write the subject all in UPPERCASE, as it makes spam filters go
b) not attach meaningless data from trademark registrys in PDF format
c) stop lying.

> The Isis Building, 193 Marsh Wall, Thames Quay, London, E14 9SG, United Kingdom
> Tel: +44 (0)207 345 8888 Direct Fax: +44 (0)207 345 4555 law@iprights.com
> www.iprights.com

Then I guess you'll have to send us another oh-so-scary-sounding e-mail
about http://static.thepiratebay.org/sega_mai... and
http://static.thepiratebay.org/sega_res... :-/.
...no more heroes...

CaqKa ::

I would also advise you to
a) not write the subject all in UPPERCASE, as it makes spam filters go
b) not attach meaningless data from trademark registrys in PDF format
c) stop lying.

rekunius ::

tole bi jim morali napisat nazaj:
ahem pirate accent on:

sicer pa še dobro da mam peer guardian, me vsaj kao zaščiti.
Motiti se je človeško.

Ziga Dolhar ::

No ja.

Potem sem pa jaz zase mislil, da se me je puberteta komaj začela lotevat ...
Legal systems are not supposed to be efficient. They are
designed to ensure that innocent people are not found guilty.
If that requires inefficiencies, so be it.

rekunius ::

se opravičujem za gusarski izpad, couldn't control myself because of the replies :D
Motiti se je človeško.

mrTwelveTrees ::

najboljši je tisti del: kiss my ass

dobeseno :D

NoOrdinary ::

hehe, ziggga je pravnik wannabe, pa mu ni vsec da se folk tkole norca dela z odvetnikov. Mislm drugac res ni prov da gladko popiratiziras glih vse kr ti pride pod roke, samo te tožbe so mnogokrat povsem zgrešene, oz te tožjo ko si počel kej legalnega, tko da je norčevanje na mestu :)
brez ideje sem za podpis

mlamat ::

He he... Slovenija ne odgovarja agenciji Reuters...

Sites like Slovenia-based Suprnova (http://www.suprnova.org) offer up thousands of different torrents without storing the shows themselves.

Suprnova is a treasure trove of movies, television shows, and pirated games and software. Funded by advertising, it is run by a teen-age programmer who goes only by the name Sloncek, who did not respond to an e-mailed interview request.

tole in še več piše v temle članku:


Ziga Dolhar ::

NoOrdinary: "zgražam" se nad attitudom frajerskih piscev odgovorov.

So smešni -- in inferiorni.
Legal systems are not supposed to be efficient. They are
designed to ensure that innocent people are not found guilty.
If that requires inefficiencies, so be it.

TheJack ::

marbit: Sem videl pravkar. Tudi na Slashdotu je stvar.

Moti me tale stavek: "They're doing something flagrantly illegal, but getting away with it because they're offshore," said Cohen.

Ni mi jasno zakaj in kako bi bilo prepovedano objavljanje linkov do nečesa s čimer nimaš nič.

mlamat ::

Ja ... ironično je da potem tudi Reuters krši zakon ker objavlja linke do te strani ... saj tudi Cohen pravi da samo "diši" po ilegalnem

c3R4R ::

Ma ne me basat...:D
Zaradi neurij imajo hrasti globje korenine.

Exilian ::

This raises the question of the reach of Swedish and European copyright
law. It is the opinion of us, and the Swedish Supreme Court, that
information about WHERE to obtain copyrighted material, which is the
case with Bit Torrent, is not illegal. The '.torrent' files that are
offered for download at the site in question contain nothing more than
hash and checksum information. How this information could, in itself,
possibly be an infrigement of your copyright is beyond us and apparently
the Swedish legal system agrees.

No važno da so naši moderatorji na strani zakona, in veselo brišejo vsa sporočila ki vsebujejo čarobno besedo suprnova.??? ipd.
Kaj bi jaz dal, da bi bil tako pameten kot so oni... vendar seveda ko sem malo dvignil glas in jih v parih temah opozoril na njihovo pametnost, so me hitro utišali da sem butast in da podpiram piratizem. Na drugi strani pa niso odstranili glupega komentarja avtorja, ki se hihita MPAA-ju in RIAA-ju ker jim ne uspeva ustaviti val piratizma.

moderator@ST ~ $ ls ~/Music/
Error: cannot display more than 100k files
It's not the opensource i hate.
It's the fanclub I cannot stand.

Jeebs ::

prav tako pa ni v skladu s Pravili dopustne uporabe omrezja AMIS.

Amis so itaq loleki, k delajo samo štalo, pa se izigravajo z uporabniki kot da so boga za jajca prijeli. Lastne izkušnje, frendico so že 4x al 5x izklopli, ker naj bi prenašala viruse okoli... Tak bullshit kot je njih še nisem videl pri nas. Ko jih pa vprašaš katere viruse jim podreš njihov sistem podjebavanja oziroma jim zatežiš s tem, da se boš odjavil od njih, pa takoj postanjejo vsi ''mehki''.;(
Press any key to continue... RESET. Didn't you say ANY key?!?!?!

Spc ::

No one is authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use the Shrek 2.

Zakaj pa potem še sploh delajo filme če jih noben ne sme gledat ??
Sami sebi naredijo film.


rekunius ::

Motiti se je človeško.

swar ::

Tok se pa se nisem nasmeju se pri nobeni novici/komentarjih.Se takih novic >:D

Bistri007 ::

Jaz imam predlog:
z zakonom ukinimo vsakršne avtorske oz. lastniške pravice za vsebine v digitalni obliki!!!

Če pa hočeš podpreti (pro)izvajalca, pa kupiš še njegovo lično škatlo. Tako kot kupiš pri Red Hatu ali Susetu!

Opensoursajmo še proizvodnjo muske in filmov!!! :))

Največja napaka desetletja je bila narejena 4. novembra 2008
Oni so goljufali in Alah je goljufal, Alah je najboljši prevarant. (Koran 3:54)
Citiraj svetega očeta Benedikta XVI. in postani "persona rudis"...

Ziga Dolhar ::

Avtorske pravice (in analogno patenti) nikakor ne pomenijo hkrati tudi nekega plačila.

Lahko ga pa.

Ampak odpravit "avtorske pravice" na splošno -- človek, se zavedaš, kaj vse bi s tem šlo? (/odšlo, /prišlo)
Legal systems are not supposed to be efficient. They are
designed to ensure that innocent people are not found guilty.
If that requires inefficiencies, so be it.

Vredno ogleda ...

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TemaSporočilaOglediZadnje sporočilo

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