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Izšel Nero

Izšel Nero

CDRLabs - Ahead Software je izdal novo verzijo priljubljenega Nero Burning Roma. Za dol vleko klikni tu ali tu ali tu ali tu ali tu! :D

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Gandalfar ::

Changes from Nero to

Features Added:

added several new recorders.

UDF 'Multisession' support has been added

Added new write mode Disc-At-Once/96 (DAO/96)

Bug Fixes

Fix problems with TAB/F6 key in compilations and file browser to switch focus.

Implement automatic refresh of the FileBrowser on file/directory changes.

Single file now can be selected in file list of ISO compilation when pressing down or up arrow (mouse not required).

No window was opened when playing back some AVI file

The Cover Designer language was always set to English when running Nero for the first time

Video-DVD fixes for standalone players. Video-DVDs created with Nero will now play on PlayStation2 and other previously unsupported devices

The About Nero menu item was greyed out after the Window was once closed by pressing the "ENTER" key.

CD-Text button for MixedMode enabled if the recorder is capable of DAO/96.

Fixed bug in UDF generator which would cause crashes for certain directory sizes

Shortcut for 'Find' (Ctrl+F) has been corrected

The error handling message has been implemented in case that an error appear during erase procedure

Nero could not play several tracks together using the "Play" button of an audio compilation

Made Nero to react better on errors in case of CD Copy and Save Track

Enable Oversize-burning for writing in DAO/96 mode

Wolverine ::

kaksna je potem razlika med DAO in DAO/96 mode?

asteroidk ::

ja mene tut razlika med DAO pa DAO/96 zanima ... ce ve gdo prosm za komentar/odgovor ;)

Tr0n ::

"DAO 96 is no different from DAO 16 - only the fact that DAO 16 writes less of the original data. DAO 96 is actually the best mode - that's only if your reader can read the data correctly in this mode! Most have skip errors, much like reading audio CDs."

Ceprav so nekateri porocali, da nastanejo problemi pri peki kopiranih CDjev (CloneCD). Jaz bi ostal pri klasicnem DAO :).

Vredno ogleda ...

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