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Afganistan 2004

Afganistan 2004

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A rocket attack aimed at Kabul's international airport showed the Taliban have the ability to target anywhere in Afghanistan, the group said on Friday, warning that the country would become "a burial ground" for Americans.


"Ayman al-Zawahri's statement is based on reality that allied forces in Afghanistan were confined to their military camps because they were scared and afraid and they do not have the courage to fight with the Taliban and other mujahideen," Dadullah said.

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"In Kabul, the Americans and peacekeeping forces are hiding from the shells of the Mujahideen and expect martyrdom (suicide) attacks at every moment," Zawahri said.



Kolikokrat so me napadli, od kje mi podatki, da je Afganistan v bistvu enak, kot pred zrušitvijo talibanskega režima.

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