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Elden Ring [Great Rune] (FromSoftware)

Elden Ring [Great Rune] (FromSoftware)

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oo7 ::

Elden Ring Was Originally Going to Get Two DLC Expansions - Rumor


lojz123 ::

Sem se odločil danes da bi jo še enkrat od začetka preigral naložim in ne dela Easy Anti Cheat
po brskanju ugotovil da pomaga edino onemogočiti Core Isolation sem probal potem mi igra dela
oziroma odstranitev posodobitve windows ku... potem pa nič sem mislil da je samo ubisoft tako zanikrn
zgleda da so ostali isti ko pokasirajo se jim nič več ne mudi z popravki ker izgleda da je napaka že nekaj časa luzerji
Ko bodo pa prodajali kakšen DLC bo pa takoj popravljeno naj gredo nekam v .....

oo7 ::

Če kaj pomaga ?

Top 5 Solutions to Elden Ring Easy Anti Cheat Launch Error


lojz123 ::

Kar nekaj stvari sem probal pomagalo je edino
Nastavitve - Varnost naprave - Osamitev jedra - Celovitost pomnilnika na OFF
samo sem nato vklopil nazaj na ON ter pobrisal igro, mogoče kdaj drugič

oo7 ::

Edino potem če bi igral offline.


jijetelu ::

Crucible Knight easy :D

oo7 ::

jijetelu je izjavil:

Crucible Knight easy :D

To se je že prav iživljal nad njem :)

oo7 ::

Največkrat ubiti liki v igri Elden Ring

jijetelu ::

hehe, vsi farmajo uboge albinaurike :D

Badwolff ::

Tega tadruzga se sploh ne spomnim, kje pa so?

oo7 ::

Badwolff je izjavil:

Tega tadruzga se sploh ne spomnim, kje pa so?

Povsod so. Mogoče se jih boš še najbolj spomnil iz Mohgwyn Palace kjer te objamejo in potem eksplodirajo.

oo7 ::

This bossfight has been in the works for over 5 months now, and it's finally time to unveil the unofficial DLC boss! The ultimate reimagination of the Godskin Duo, fused with Ornstein and Smough!

NEW Godskin Dragonslayer & Executioner Duo Boss Showcase (Elden Ring The Garden of Eyes Mod)

oo7 ::

Zunaj novi obliž za igro Elden Ring.


oo7 ::

Elden Ring Has Various Measures in Progress Alongside Major DLC Development to Maximize Lifetime Value


Me veseli,da bodo ohranjali igro pri življenju.

oo7 ::

MOD za igro Elden Ring

Elden Ring Convergence Mod V1.3 - https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/mod...

The Convergence Mod - Patch 1.3 is Finally Here

Elden Ring Convergence Mod V1.3 Release Notes

System Changes

As of patch 1.3, Convergence will now use a separate location for its save data. This will help protect the integrity of vanilla save files and help prevent players from being banned from online play.
(If you wish to load and use your previous save files that are stored in the vanilla location, simply remove the eldenring_alt_saves.dll file from the ConvergenceER folder before launching the mod. However, starting a new character with each patch release is always recommended to prevent potential bugs.)

Fixed an issue causing the Vanguard starting class to have one too few starting stats. (Now starts with one additional point of endurance)
Map Changes

Added several new enemy camps across Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula.
Corrected the displayed location for the Raya Lucaria Grand Library site of grace on the overworld map.
Reworked the Divine Tower of Liurnia.
Fixed an issue causing a ladder to be invisible and buggy in Redmane Castle.
The Dragonkin Soldier encounter in Deeproot Depths now has a Stake of Marika near it.
Blocked the exit tunnel leading out of the cave used in Ranni's quest near the Cathedral of Manus Celes to prevent progression skipping.

Item Changes

Reduced the amount of FP recovery on the Ceruleanburst Crystal Tear from 3 per second to 2 per second.
Performed extensive changes to the summoning system. Summoning can now be performed in most locations in the game. Resummoning is now possible after a summon dies or is unsummoned. If summoning is performed in the overworld map, summons will disappear if the player travels far from the original summon location but the player will be able to resummon in that case.
The overall strength of summon reinforcement has been adjusted making summons slightly stronger at lower reinforcement levels and slightly weaker at higher reinforcement levels as compared to vanilla game.
Added a new series of notes at the starting locations for each class that describe the locations of notable weapons for that class.
Removed multiple instances of the Scorpion Kite Shield that were present on the map.
Fixed an issue causing the Opaline Hardtear physick to not increase physical damage absorption.
Fixed a typo on the Boltdrake Talisman's description.
Added correct description for the Marionette Soldier Birdhelm.
Fixed an issue causing the loot corpse containing the Sacred Crown Helm and the Ivory Draped tabard to be invisible to the player.
Fixed an issue causing the loot corpse for the starting note of the Rogue to be invisible in certain cases.
Removed the extra Dragon Towershield from the map.
Added the Ancestor Follower Ashes to the merchant shop in Lower Siofra.
Removed Seluvis's Bell Bearing because he no longer sells spells.
Shortened several item descriptions that were too long to be read in the menu frame.
Removed a few items that were missing icons and were no longer needed in the context of the mod.
Fixed several item descriptions with typos.
Corrected the descriptions of the somber and smithing stone bell bearings.

Weapon Changes

Re-added Serpent Hunter to the game. - It is now found just after defeating the Abductor Virgin in Volcano Manor near the mouth of the cave.
Overhauled status build up on weapons - Removed Arcane scaling from status build up on weapons. Most static status build up has been increased by a large amount. (When assessing the status build up system in-game we discovered that many statuses cannot use any kind of stat scaling to increase the amount of build up. We found that this gave certain statuses an advantage over others, so we have removed stat scaling from all statuses but have increased base status build up on weapons to compensate.)
Fixed an issue causing Death Ritual Spear and Rosus' Axe weapon skills to deal no damage while the weapons are buffed.
Fixed an issue causing the Frenzied Flame Seal to have an incorrect scaling value assigned to one of its affinities.
Corrected several instances of weapon attacks from new weapons where they were not properly benefitting from conditional attack buffs. (ei. Skill attacks, Charged Attacks, etc.)
The following Katanas now have new animations for their R1 and R2 attacks: Hand of Malenia, Dragonscale Blade, Rivers of Blood and Moonveil.
Corrected the on-hit visual of Sulien's Razors weapon skill to no longer appear as fire.
Fixed an issue causing the weapon skill of the Nomad's Kilij to not buff fire damage.
Changed the description of Ancient Thunderclap to be less misleading.
Fixed some missing hitboxes on the Molten Sword.
Fixed some hitbox and attack issues with the Ornamental Straight Sword.
Also fixed an issue causing the Quicksilver Rapier to use the incorrect charged heavy attacks.
Fixed an issue allowing Sword of Hadea weapon skill to be used while not having enough FP.

New Weapons

Spear of Tranquility (Unique Mystic Spear)
Causes Sleep Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Soporific Assault"
Location: Lake of Rot chest
Zephyr Blades (Unique Storm Paired Curved Swords)
Weapon Skill - "Wind Dance"
Location: Stormveil Castle
Gravelstone Arcblades (Unique Draconic Paired Colossal Swords)
Weapon Skill - "Wrath of the Ancients"
Location: Wyndham Catacombs
Lodestone of Gelmir (Unique Magma Colossal Weapon)
Weapon Skill - "Magma Crush"
Location: Volcano Manor
Yura's Kanabo (Unique Heavy Straight Sword)
Causes Bleed Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Ronin's Technique"
Location: Limgrave - Agheel Lake South
Sigur's Greatmace (Unique Heavy Great Hammer)
Causes Bleed Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Omen's Roar"
Location: Dropped by Sigur
Bloodhound Hookblade (Unique Keen Axe)
Causes Bleed Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Bloodhound Assault"
Location: Liurnia of the Lakes - South Raya Lucaria Gate
Osian's Greatsword (Unique Quality Colossal Sword)
Weapon Skill - "Osian's Fury"
Location: Limgrave - Murkwater Coast
Reaver's Odachi (Unique Quality Halberd)
Causes Bleed Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Heart Piercer"
Location: Fort Faroth
Palm-Ax Twinblades (Unique Quality Twinblade)
Causes Bleed Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Whirling Slice"
Location: Auriza Side Tomb
War Scythe (Unique Heavy Reaper)
Causes Bleed Build Up
Weapon Skill - "Lunging Harvest"
Location: Liurnia of the Lakes - Lake-Facing Cliffs
Gilded Quarterstaff (Unique Heavy Twinblade)
Weapon Skill - "Vaulting Strike"
Location: Liurnia of the Lakes - South of Mausoleum Compound
Carwyn's Épée (Unique Keen Heavy Thrusting Sword)
Weapon Skill - "Carwyn's Bladestorm"
Location: Limgrave - South of Summonwater Village
Godskin Flayer (Unique Godslayer Curved Sword)
Causes Soul Burn
Weapon Skill - "Godslayer Ascension"
Location: At Enya after defeating Godskin Matriarch
Guardian Spearblade (Guardian Swordspear reworked to trick weapon - Unique Golden Straight Sword/Spear)
Weapon Skill: Erdtree Mastery
Location: Altus - Minor Erdtree Church

New Weapon Skills

Banished Knight's Halberd - "Storm Stance"
Dragonscale Blade - "Underworld Conduit"

Spell Changes

Adjusted the scaling factors of all seals and staffs to increase the damage of all spells while at lower reinforcement levels.
Made a change to Accursed Binding and Spirit Link that will remove the summon debuffs if you already have them active when you cast these spells.
Increased the damage of all Rancor spells for the Necromancer.
Increased the damage of Fia's Mist.
Also increased the damage of Tibia's Summons.
Increased the damage of all Vapor spells and all Seeker spells for Mystic.
Decreased the damage of Lava Dart.
Increased the damage of Anger of the Fell God and added flames to the ground around its impact location.
Fixed an issue causing uncharged Bloodflame Outburst to deal too much damage.
Fixed an issue causing Convert Corruption to heal too much HP.
Also fixed an issue causing Anima Magica to build too many stacks when casting conjured weapon spells.
Fixed an issue causing Godslayer's Devotion to build too many stacks when casting conjured weapon spells.
Changed the total FP reduction of Bestial Fervor from 95% to 80%.
Reduced the amount that Source of Creation heals enemies.
Increased the fire damage buff of Cyclopean Prophecy from 5% to 10%.
Changed the FP reduction of Godslayer's Devotion from 95% to 90%.
Changed the HP reduction of Wrath of the Queen from 50% to 30%.
Also changed the FP and Stamina reduction of Heart of Chaos from 30% to 20%.
Changed the additional stamina consumption on Hidden Mother's Blessing from 50% to 30%.
Changed the absorption reduction of Blessing the Sealed God from 75% to 30%.
Also changed the increased cost to spells of Spirit Weaving from 100% to 50%.
Changed the HP reduction of Dream Meld from 50% to 30%.
Changed the FP reduction of Strength of the Underworld from 80% to 50% and the Spell damage reduction from 50% to 20%.
Also changed the HP reduction of Wisdom of the Makers from 50% to 30% and removed the Stamina cost reduction.
Changed the FP reduction of Godwyn's Vengeance from 90% to 75%.
Changed the absorption reduction of Phoenix of Death from 60% to 30%.
Also changed the absorption reduction of Aberrant Ascension from 65% to 20%.
Golden Order blessings have been reworked:
Blessing of Grace now adds 10 HP recovery per second and reduces equip-load by 20%.
Blessing of Protection now increases all absorption by 15% and adds 25% shield stability.
Blessing of Wisdom now adds 1 FP recovery per second and increases holy spell damage by 5%.
Blessing of Power now adds 8 stamina recovery and increases holy weapon damage by 5%.
Elden Benediction has been reworked:
It now stacks with any other single blessing and will amplify its effects -
With Grace - Adds 20 HP recovery per second, reduces equip-load by 30% and improves dodge-rolls.
With Protection - Increases all absorption by 25%, adds poise and adds 35% shield stability.
With Wisdom - Adds 2 FP recovery per second, increases holy spell damage by 10% and increases casting speed by 30.
With Power - Adds 15 Stamina recovery, increases holy weapon damage by 10% and increases poise damage of weapon attacks by 10%.
If used with no blessing present, all stats are increased by 2.
Aura of Valor has been removed from the mod.
Decreased the damage and poise damage of Stellar Bombardment and slightly increased its FP cost.
Fixed an issue causing the DoT applied by Black Firestorm to have a duration that was too long.
Fixed an issue causing several spell buffs to not be prolonged by Old Lord's Talisman.
Also fixed an issue causing Astral Alignment to use the incorrect cast visuals.
Changed the visual effect of Accursed Binding and Spirit Link to improve performance issues caused by the previous effect.
Fixed an issue causing Whiteout to deflect your own spell projectiles.
Changed the FP cost of Godslayer's Devotion to 30 FP in order to make gaining a free heal from toggling it on and off in succession less likely.
Fixed several instances of spells not benefitting from their various spell boosting items.
Fixed an issue causing the damage from the soul burn and lesser soul burn spell effect and weapon effect to not appear properly on some enemies.
Corrected the description of Dematerialize to be more accurate.
Potentially fixed an issue causing the damage from Recurring Nightmare to proc multiple times during crit animations. (Needs community testing)
Fixed a typo in the description of Burrowing Black Flame.
Fixed an issue causing some charged spells to not benefit from Godfrey's Icon.
Also fixed an issue that was causing Blood Star to deactivate when resting at a grace.
Changed the visual effects of Armor of Bubbles and Underworld Bubbleshield to be less visually noisy.
Fixed an issue causing Carian Acuity's effect to cancel Malenia's Great Rune effect.

Enemy Changes

New Boss - Godskin Matriarch - Found on top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia
Adjusted the walk route of the Fire Monk near the beginning of the Minor Erdtree Catacombs to prevent aggro on the player while resting at the grace.
Made enemies that were previously immune to fire damage no longer immune to fire damage, except when those enemies' spawn points are in lava pools.
Fixed an issue that was causing Festering Fingerprint Vyke to not meet the requirements for his weapon.
Fixed an issue causing the poison breath of the Erdtree Senties to only cause poison build up one time per attack.
Increased the total HP of Radahn by 20% and increased his damage by 10%.
Fixed an issue causing players to be able to kill Gideon before Skarde completes his attack.
Fixed an issue causing players to be able to die before gaining credit for killing Maliketh. (Needs community testing)
Also fixed an issue causing some enemies in the Sealed Tunnel to not drop runes.
Fixed issue with the Bloodhound Knight near the Raya Lucaria gate causing him to have too little HP.
Fixed an issue causing some ancestral followers in Lake of Rot to not drop runes.
Also fixed an issue causing Dakk to not aggro properly at the beginning of the fight.

oo7 ::

Zlata ribica premagala Melanijo :))

Yes, a goldfish can beat the hardest boss in Elden Ring

I Taught My Goldfish to Play Elden Ring

Ljudje imajo čedalje bolj nore ideje kako igrati Elden Ring :)

oo7 ::

Elden ring: Shadow of the erdtree may release in 2023 according to bandai namco CEO

Summary: so, the ceo was asked regarding how bandai has planned to maintain the financial growth in 2023, similar to their stellar performance in 2022 because of Elden ring?

Poslovno leto (fiscal year 2023) 2023 se kočna marca 2024. Torej DLC za Elden ring enkrat, do marca 2024 ?
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