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oo7 ::

Developer: Vostok Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Genre: First-person shooter
Mode: Multiplayer

Vostock Games’ post-apocalyptic MMOFPS Survarium will launch through Steam Early Access on Thursday, April 2.

Survarium Beta Gameplay

oo7 ::

Igra je že na Steamu in je zastonj :)

m0f0x ::

User reviews: Mixed (384 reviews)

Nagi Bator ::

Dokler ne bo poštiman t.i. "free play" - se pravi surviving mode igranja in bo na voljo le PvP, je to bolj - meh, saj večina folka,
ki čaka na ta špil, prihaja iz baze fenov Stalkerja. Ko/če pa jim končno rata, bi pa to znala biti res dobra stvar.

Zgodovina sprememb…

Mitch ::

Grafika je odlična in mape so res zelo dobro narejene vendar pa kot pravi predhodnik pred mano dokler bo igra podpirala samo TDM je vse skup zgolj le en meh...

BorutK-73 ::

Škoda da je samo PvP (sovražim fps pvp, sem že prestar za to;(().

646 negativnih kritik od tega samo 1 v angleščini.


Zgodovina sprememb…

oo7 ::

Še kdo igra ?

Survarium 0.42 patch


New game mode: Artifact Hunt. Deliver Radiance of the Forest artifact to your base, but remember: the enemy team is trying to do the same.
Introduced new monthly rankings. Participate in the battles and win to increase your rank and get better rewards.
You will now receive points when your team successfully captures a research station even when your character leaves the capture zone or dies.
You will not receive points if you leave the zone and the enemy team starts to capture the research station.
You will now receive points for healing the teammates with the Healing Totem.
You will now receive points when a teammate uses your Ammo Box to resupply.
You will now receive points for detecting an enemy with a sensor if your teammate kills that enemy.
Reworked London location: changed the location of both bases and respawn points so you can get to the key points of the map faster.
Improved the net code and synchronization.
Fixed delay for all players decreased from 200ms to 150ms.
Killcam time reduced by 1 second due to a shorter camera flythrough around the killer.

User interface

Heroes of the Day menu moved and is now to the left of character level.
Heroes of the Day menu now has additional tabs with the results of your friend and clanmates.
Season leagues menu is merged with Heroes of the Day menu.
You can now see the progress for unlocking weapon modules on post-match screen.
Camera in the Workshop can be rotated by holding down either left or right mouse button.
Added a new screen with the match results (displaying final scores of both teams and whether your team won or lost).
Updated special supplies icons.
Weapon quality is now displayed when choosing a profile in battle.

Supplies and artifacts

Damage inflicted by toxic cloud of Sponge artifact increased.
Reduced the delay before the Healing Totem begins to heal down to 1 second (used to be 5 seconds).
Motherwort extract: bonus decreased from 15% to 10%.

Character skills

Steady Breath: bonus for each skill level decreased from 3% to 2% (maximum value is now 10%).
Accuracy: bonus for each skill level decreased from 3% to 1% (maximum value is now 5%).
Firm Grip: bonus for each skill level decreased from 5% to 3% (maximum value is now 9%).

Equipment and weapons

MP5: new level 6 SMG, Black Market.
ASVK: new level 10 sniper rifle, Scavengers.
Barrett M82: the rifle is replaced with ASVK.
Reduced the delay before the chambering begins for all weapons with ammo chambering.
Slug damage modifier decreased from 70% to 60%.
Buckshot damage modifier decreased from 25% to 20%.
Dispersion while shooting from the hip decreased by 10%-15% for all weapon types.
Removed the penalty to dispersion in iron sights while moving for all weapon types.
TOZ-122: armor piercing decreased from 35 to 30.
M4A1: armor piercing decreased from 60 to 55.
MSBS Radon: armor piercing decreased from 60 to 55.
SVU: rate of fire decreased from 250 to 200.
SVD: rate of fire decreased from 200 to 150.
Socom 16: rate of fire decreased from 250 to 200.
SKS: rate of fire decreased from 250 to 200.
SOK-94: rate of fire decreased from 250 to 200.
Vepr-12: rate of fire increased from 250 to 300.
Remington 870: damage increased from 100 to 110.
Benelli M4 Super 90: rate of fire decreased from 240 to 200.
Franchi SPAS-12: rate of fire decreased from 200 to 180.
Sentry boots: new level 7 boots, Black Market.
Marauder gloves: new level 5 gloves, Black Market.
Omicron MKII helmet: new level 8 premium helmet, Black Market.
Stalker boots: new level 6 boots, The Fringe Settlers.
Warrior gloves: new level 5 gloves, The Fringe Settlers.
Leshy's hood: new level 8 premium helmet, The Fringe Settlers.
Scout gloves: new level 5 gloves, Renaissance Army.
Assault gloves: new level 6 gloves, Renaissance Army.
UM-2A Molot helmet: new level 8 premium helmet, Renaissance Army.
Saboteur boots: new level 5 boots, Scavengers.
Reinforced boots: new level 6 boots, Scavengers.
Pathfinder boots: new level 7 boots, Scavengers.
Veteran helmet: new level 8 premium helmet, Scavengers.
Potato grip now reduces sight sway by 10% (down from 15%).
Maximum value of "Sight sway" modifier on a weapon decreased from 15% to 10%.
You can now sell premium items for silver (if you have more than one identical item).

Bug fixes

Fixed the bonus of "Quilted fabric" camo.
Fixed the animation of medkit cooldown.
Fixed grenade position in the hand.
Fixed the display of mines and traps when disarming them.
Fixed an issue allowing placing two mines at once.
Fixed an issue allowing placing all traps at once.
Fixed an issue allowing to melee an enemy through a wall.
Fixed timer display for oxygen tanks. Now the timer is only displayed when the tank is being used.
Fixed conditions of getting "Last effort" achievement.
Fixed physical model of the Ammo Box.
Parameters of stationary sensor are now displayed correctly.
Fixed rewards upon purchasing Premium account on the post-match screen.
Fixed an issue not allowing to leave the match in Team Deathmatch mode if you were spectating another player when the match ended.
Fixed display of anomaly protection for the newcomers.
Fixed icon shimmering during point capture if the game is relaunched while in the battle.
Fixed an issue which led to displaying the kills in a match log twice.
Fixed the lighting in the corridors of Vector Laboratory.
Fixed localization mistakes, added missing strings in all languages.

Survarium Update 0.42 Overview

oo7 ::

Survarium update 0.50 adds long-awaited PvE mode

With a new story mission, new map and three difficulty settings.

Moreover, players of the Stalker-like FPS can now explore a new map on three varying difficulty settings. Developer Vostok hopes to gather player feedback before adding further levels down the line.


V angleškem jeziku

in ruskem :)

Bo treba inštalirat Survarium :D:)

scipascapa ::

zgleda kot neka stalker scena.

yayo ::

saj tudi je. Ko je šef GSC, Serghey Grigorovich, odpustil kompletno ekipo, ki je razvijala STALKER 2 je ta našla investitorje ter začela delati Survarium.

oo7 ::

Vostok Games so danes sporočili, da igra Survarium po 7 letih ugaša svoje serverje.

Vostok Games dela na novi igri, ki pa bo SP, do zdaj so naredili dve MP.

scipascapa ::

meh, bedaki.

oo7 ::

We want to share the incredible lifestats of Survarium. After all the years that have come and gone you have always been there. These stats are a testament to your loyalty. And for that, we salute you.

Mislim, da so serverji za igro že ugasnili.

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