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Windows Commander 5.1

darh ::

Za radovedneže, ki se jim ne da downowdat samo da bi pogledali spremebe:

28.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 Final

27.08.02 Fixed: When copying to removable NTFS volume, don't call "Flush" every xx seconds (causing problems with preallocation)

22.08.02 Fixed: Installer hangs if any of the target files has the hidden attribute

21.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 RC1

20.08.02 Fixed: Diskdir plugin: Extract file date/time with files

20.08.02 Fixed: Ctrl+B Branch view: Drag file from subdir with spaces in it to button bar button would not open the file

20.08.02 Fixed: FTP: When editing a file with F4, then disconnecting and reconnecting to other server, the file was re-uploaded to the wrong server

14.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 Beta 2

14.08.02 Fixed: Crash on Alt+Enter if WinRAR 3 installed

13.08.02 Fixed: Moved creation of sound registry keys to configuration dialog - only if "Configure sounds" button is clicked

12.08.02 Fixed: Make Wincmd work with current RAR.EXE version (Winrar.exe already worked, use this if possible)

07.08.02 Fixed: Shift+Enter didn't work inside of archives

07.08.02 Fixed: "Show (Lister)" no longer working in context menu

06.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 Beta 1

06.08.02 Fixed: Parameter %P in button bar: Remove "0:" pseudo drive for ftp connections

04.08.02 Fixed: Search function unpacked ACE archives even when it didn't search for text

30.07.02 Fixed: Compare by contents: If one listbox has a horizonal scrollbar and the other hasn't, scrolling to the end brings lists out of sync

30.07.02 Fixed: User-defined hotkeys didn't work with RestrictInterface=1 (turning off the start menu)

28.07.02 Added: Support for TAR files >2GB (the individual packed files must be smaller than 2 GB!)

28.07.02 Fixed: On Win9x+ME, the parallel port driver cannot be loaded if the directory contains a non-English accented character -> copy driver temporarily to system directory

28.07.02 Fixed: Parameter /L=//servername/ didn't work, only /L=//servername/share

26.07.02 Fixed: Shift+F4 (new file) didn't work if editor was defined with "%1" parameter

26.07.02 Added: Translate environment variables in the command line, e.g. cd %windir% -> cd c:\windows

26.07.02 Fixed: Right click on drive button and choosing a command from the 'New' submenu sometimes created the new item in the current directory

23.07.02 Fixed: WinXP shows other computers in Nethood subdirs in the form "Server Comment (servername)". Changed to "servername".

23.07.02 Fixed: When unpacking to temp dir on ENTER, remove read-only attribute so file can be deleted later

19.07.02 Fixed: FTP: access violation if local name too long

19.07.02 Fixed: Sync tool: German 'sz' letter was detected as being the same as 'ss' in sync tool ('feature' of the 'CompareString' function of Windows...)

19.07.02 Fixed: background transfer manager: Total length of source+target dir couldn't exceed 259 characters

02.07.02 Fixed: Compare by content, if file too big, the file handle wasn't always closed after compare failed

25.06.02 Fixed: Configuration dialog, when changing fonts, the preview shows the wrong fonts after clicking "Apply"

25.06.02 Added: On FTP downloads, replace colon ":" by underscore "_" because otherwise Windows creates a named substream on NTFS

20.06.02 Added: Command line during FTP connection: "PUT" command now supports absolute paths, e.g. PUT c:\files\file.txt

18.06.02 Fixed: Creating multi-volume ZIP archives slow on Win2k

18.06.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager: "-" button removed wrong items from list if already downloaded a file

18.06.02 Fixed: Show file sizes >2 GB also in overwrite confirmation dialog

11.06.02 Fixed: Parallel port server in Wincmd16: Could not access empty drives (e.g. floppy with no files)

11.06.02 Fixed: Command line: Forward slashes will now be converted to backslashes on local drives

31.05.02 Fixed: Selection with Shift+Left click didn't always work after selecting first item with right click

31.05.02 Added: Synchronize dirs: Total % of comparison now calculated by file size, not number of files

31.05.02 Added: Support for <XMP> tag in lister (same as <PRE>)

31.05.02 Fixed: In place rename in ZIP can now also be invoked by a slow double click

31.05.02 Added: Search for multiple paths in search function now also works with UNC paths, e.g. \\server\share1;\\server\share2

29.05.02 Added: FTP: When using auto-retry, also wait for the retry timeout after the first connection attempt

14.05.02 Added: SHA1 authentication to FTP client

14.05.02 Fixed: Drag other window over drive button bar could show frame

14.05.02 Fixed: In the button bar, a button was shown as down after right clicking on it

13.05.02 Added: FTP client will send FEAT command to ask for ftp server features MDTM and LIST -lT (full date/time display)

10.05.02 Added: FTP client: Upload/download files > 4 GB, also with resume

05.05.02 Fixed: Lister standalone: Mouse scrolling didn't work

17.04.02 Fixed: After changing attributes in subdirs, the current selection wasn't removed if nothing had changed in the current directory

17.04.02 Added: Also copy date/time of IStream objects on drag&drop (doesn't work with Outlook Express, because OE doesn't pass them)

17.04.02 Fixed: Zip subdir was removed when clicking "encrypt" in pack dialog

17.04.02 Fixed: Compare by contents could fail with a single character at the end

16.04.02 Added: Internal unpacking of single files from multi-volume RAR archives (requires new unrar.dll)

16.04.02 Fixed: Multi-volume RAR files: Only show files which start in that volume!

16.04.02 Fixed: Support for new multi-volume RAR files (requires external winrar for unpacking)

15.04.02 Fixed: Problem with copying huge files using the special copying modes

15.04.02 Fixed: Pausing a HTTP download moved to the background also paused a foreground ftp download

15.04.02 Fixed: No error messages when trying to compare a file on an ftp server, or copying from ftp to an archive

15.04.02 Fixed: FTP download later: didn't save firewall type for http firewalls

15.04.02 Added: Support for bmp files with negative height (stored upside down)

15.04.02 Added: Support for *.jp2 and *.j2k (Jpeg 2000) through Irfanview

15.04.02 Added: Open link (*.lnk) in other window with Ctrl+Right arrow (or left arrow, respectively)

15.04.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager didn't remember max. transfer speed during multiple http downloads or ftp via http downloads

15.04.02 Added: Timeout to "Download complete" message from ftp server - Wincmd should try to continue if no reply for 15 seconds

25.03.02 Fixed: By mistake, quotation marks were removed from command line parameters of 2 character commands.

25.03.02 Fixed: Ctrl+B in packer plugin: Extract of files from subdirs didn't work (because subdir wasn't created)

25.03.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager didn't rename files on same drive, instead it copied+deleted them

25.03.02 Fixed: Check for a colon ":" when copying/moving with F5 or F6 to avoid the copying of the data to a named substream

25.03.02 Fixed: Explicitely check for a colon ":" when renaming with Shift+F6 to avoid moving the data to a named substream on NTFS drives

25.03.02 Fixed: If deletion of non-empty dir is canceled, the dir loses any special attributes like hidden or system

11.03.02 Fixed: Problems with internal HTML links without double quotes

05.03.02 Fixed: Don't get special icons for folders with read-only attribute on UNC network drives

28.02.02 Fixed: FTP transfer log sometimes contained duplicate slashes in URLs

25.02.02 Fixed: Couldn't copy file on remote share to other dir with file of same name

25.02.02 Fixed: Extension was removed from xyztar.zip when clicking on 'create self-extracting archive' in pack dialog

15.02.02 Added: Support for OTP secure FTP authentication (not encryption!), e.g. for Serv-U, supports MD4 and MD5 (not working through all proxies)
Excuses are useless! Results are priceless!

bradek ::

Obvezen download! Ta stvarca je moj favorite app odkar smo prešaltal na winse in zgubil legedarnega Norton commanderja.

tha_man ::

Nekih bistvenih novosti glede na 5.0 niti ni, pa saj ma itak že praktično vse kar rabiš :)) Wincmd je zakon!
(c) 1982 Sinclair Research Ltd

Beat-O ::

Men je wincmd zlo dobr, pa še v slovenščini je zdej (mogoče je bil že prej pa nism opazu).

AndraZK ::

Bil je že prej v slovenščini, sam je prevod OBUPEN... tko da če hočeš vedet kva klikaš imej raje angleščino :D

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