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The Catch

The Catch

_Mortal_ ::

Za Matroxovo Specifications:

80 million transistors
0.15 die technology
up to 250 MHz (?) core and up to DDR 325 (650) MHz memory clock rate
Full 256-bit (!) DDR memory bus
About 20 GBytes/s local memory bandwidth
64/128/256 MBytes memory
AGP 2x/4x/8x including SBA and FastWrites
4 pixel pipelines
4 texture units per pipeline (!)
Fillrate: up to 1 Gpixel and 4 Gtexels
Vertex Shader 2.0, four parallel execution blocks
Pixel Shader 1.3; 4 texture + 5 combination stages for each pixel pipeline, with the opportunity of pipeline coupling (to get 2 pipelines with 10 combination stages)
EMBM and DOT3 bump mapping
Fixed DX8 T&L (including improved features of matrix blending and skinning). A special vertex shader actually.
10-bit color component rendering, textures, storage and monitor output (!). 10-bit GigaColor technology
Two 400 MHz integrated 10-bit/channel RAMDACs, supporting UltraSharp technology
Full 10-bit -> 10-bit table for output gamma correction
DVD and HDTV video decoder with 10-bit output precision
Up to 2048x1536x32bpp@85 Hz output support
Integrated TV-Out with 10-bit signal precision
Two digital TDMS interfaces for digital outputs or external RAMDACs. Up to 1920x1200x32bpp resolutions supported.
Two fully independent CRTC
The opportunity of dual- or even triple-monitor (!) output. For example, to 2 integrated and one external RAMDACs, or to both integrated RAMDACs and TV-Out. 3840x1024x32bpp resolution total in the triple-mode. TripleHead Desktop, Surround Gaming, and DualHead-HighFidelity (HF) technologies
Adaptive supersampling (not the multisampling!) - 16x Fragment SSAA with up to 16 samples. Activated on polygon edges only.
N-Patches hardware support with adaptive tesselation (!) and displacement mapping.
Glyph Antialiasing - font hardware edge antialiasing and gamma correction (!)
Microsoft DirectX 8 and OpenGL 1.3. Some DirectX 9 features potentially.

Is reading in the bathroom considered as multi-tasking?

_Mortal_ ::

Basically it's a super-fast DX8 part with a few DX9 features, just not enough to be fully DX9 compliant.
Is reading in the bathroom considered as multi-tasking?

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