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NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS' Killer Bug

Ever since NVIDIA released their revolutionary GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 GTS graphics cards, users have been complaining about the poor Vista driver support and how these expensive cards have failed to improve their performance in games. That may now come to pass, in a manner of speaking.

An NVIDIA engineer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has just clued us in on the whole deal. This engineer claims that while allegations of poor gaming performance are correct, the reason is not really poor drivers. Brace yourselves for the truth.

Right after the G80 was taped out, NVIDIA discovered a bug in the vertex shader that causes the GPU to generate slightly incorrect geometry transformation data. The difference was minimal enough to escape attention but it was significant enough to render a scene incorrectly.

Now, what's the big deal about a slightly incorrect scene? After all, you can't even tell the difference between 2xAA and 4xAA. What would a slightly different scene matter when you are zipping along at 60+ fps? Well, that's what YOU think.

Here's the bummer. What it really means is that objects can be rendered off to one side. For FPS gamers, this can cause shots aimed at those objects (like your opponents) to miss when they should really hit. In RTS games, it may cause you to click on the wrong unit or send your units to attack a different target. So, yeah, you can now blame your poor gaming skills on a bug.

The Solution

There is no solution actually. NVIDIA engineers have been cracking their heads over this bug and came to the conclusion that there is no solution other than to correct the bug. So, what does this mean for current GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS users?

Nadaljevanje tukaj.

Zdaj Vam je lahko žal, keri ste že kupili 8800 GTS ali GTX.
ATI cards are like buses... They're huge, red and have bad drivers.

kopriwa ::

Res je tudi to, da je Milan Kučan ustanovil svojo stranko! Dons je treba vse mal z rezervo vzet:)

Urc ::

Meni je pa žal da je 1. april k folk ni resn :D

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  • spremenil: Urc ()

Dr_M ::

cemu eni vse ne nasedejo, da bi se lohk folku smejal u glavo. >:D :D

The reason why most of society hates conservatives and
loves liberals is because conservatives hurt you with
the truth and liberals comfort you with lies.

Grimlord ::

A res?

Nah... April Fools :D
Iz malenkosti nastane popolnost in popolnost ni malenkost.

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Jaz nisem nasedel, sem jih hotel naj****.
ATI cards are like buses... They're huge, red and have bad drivers.

_Enterprise_ ::

a pa bi se lohka prvoaprilske teme na temo teg adneva zaprle? ker zdele sem bil pa res mal zaskrbljen, ker sem jo lihkar naročil na mimovrstah...

Čmrlj ::

Sam da nisi club3d ker te množično crkujejo:D


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Cingular ::

kje si pa to zasledil? kolikor sem jih prodal še nobena ni crknila.

edit: sem kasneje komaj videl tvoj Edit:D
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22" LCD Samsung 225BW, MS Vista Bussines

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