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Svetovna meteorološka organizacija: segrevanje planeta se je lani nadaljevalo


Mato989 ::

Heisenberg je izjavil:

"when in doubt, zoom out"
Planet se ohlaja, ne segreva...

Tako je... ob nastanku Zemlje je bilo bolj vroče kot danes... Tako da se resnično ohlajamo, samo ekofašistom to ne kapne =)
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WizzardOfOZ ::

Dolgoročna napoved - tam do nekje 2040 naj bi bili spet v manjši ledeni dobi:
We have been in the 25. solar cycle for a while, which will reach its maximum in 2025. Studies show that this cycle will be about 30 % worse than the previous one. Time will tell if we will re-enter the so called Maunder's minimum there by 2040. This happened between 1645 and 1715 when we had a mini ice age. There were pretty sharp winters in North America and Europe back then. The number of sunbeds is extremely low, in the last 3 months only 10. As of today, the expected longer period of variable weather will begin, we will have an extremely long southwest type of weather ahead. At the beginning of May, this height wind will turn to the western direction, which will still bring variability. This doesn't mean it's going to rain every day, we're going to have sun weather periods too. For now, there is still a relatively warm air above us, but it will be completely different from the beginning of next week, from the north we will reach the polar air on Tuesday and the snow border will be able to let down again to around 1200 m. On Tuesday it will probably be the coldest and rainiest day in the next week, as temperatures will mostly be below + 10°C during the day. (pic 1) As the cyclonic area will travel through Western Europe in the next week, Germany and further towards the Baltic countries will expect very warm weather in southeast Europe, Greece and Turkey will have temperatures sometimes 30°C and more from the middle of the week. (picture 2) It will be variable here with sunny seasons and occasional rain on Wednesday mostly in the south, on Thursday mostly in the west and on Friday expected throughout Slovenia. In early May, a low air pressure area will be expressed above northern Europe, the polar front could drop a little south, during the day temperatures will hardly exceed + 20°C.
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sbawe64 ::

Od kod imaš tekst ?
2020 is new 1984
Corona World order

WizzardOfOZ ::

Gregor Skok (ciklon.si)
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Zgodovina sprememb…

Markoff ::

Leif je izjavil:

Moderne termoelektrarne sfiltrirajo vse razen vode in CO2, od tega pa ni smoga. Razen seveda, če se varčuje in ugasne filtrirni sistem, kar se na Kitajskem zna dogajati.

Na Kitajskem in v Trbovljah. Sežigalnica, oops, Cementarna Trbovlje že ve.
Antifašizem je danes poslednje pribežališče ničvredneža, je ideologija ničesar
in neizprosen boj proti neobstoječemu sovražniku - v zameno za državni denar
in neprofitno najemno stanovanje v središču Ljubljane. -- Tomaž Štih, 2021

carota ::

tilenn je izjavil:

Na to temo dodajam še članka glede vpliva Sončeve aktivnosti na globalno segrevanje.

https://climate.nasa.gov/faq/14/is-the-... :

"... if the Sun were responsible for global warming, we would expect to see warming throughout all layers of the atmosphere, from the surface all the way up to the upper atmosphere (stratosphere). But what we actually see is warming at the surface and cooling in the stratosphere."

https://climate.nasa.gov/blog/2953/ther... :

"Several studies in recent years have looked at the effects that another Grand Solar Minimum might have on global surface temperatures. These studies have suggested that while a grand minimum might cool the planet as much as 0.3 degrees C, this would, at best, slow down but not reverse human-caused global warming. There would be a small decline of energy reaching Earth; however, just three years of current carbon dioxide concentration growth would make up for it. In addition, the Grand Solar Minimum would be modest and temporary, with global temperatures quickly rebounding once the event concluded."

Torej pravijo, da bo po 90 letih bo hitro skočilo nazaj "once the event concluded"? ;)

"The Spörer Minimum has also been identified with a significant cooling period between 1460 and 1550." (vir: Wikipedia: Little Ice Age)

Ko se že sklicuješ na NASO:
- NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense
- 49 Former NASA Scientists Send A Letter Disputing Climate Change
- Fox's Doocy: NASA fudged data to make the case for global warming

m0LN4r ::

Pravim, da so 2020 umrl starejsi zarad vrocine in ne covida

Vredno ogleda ...

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TemaSporočilaOglediZadnje sporočilo

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