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Google DeepMind zmagal človeka v najkompleksnejši igri

Google DeepMind zmagal človeka v najkompleksnejši igri

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Google DeepMind je zmagal v 1.partiji igre Go velemojstra(9 dan) Lee Sedol-a.
Google je podjetje DeepMind(umetna inteligenca) kupil za 300M.
Demis Hassabis(biši šahist) je cofounder in CEO of DeepMind in ga imajo za enega najpametnejših ljudi.

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5 partij bodo igrali.

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Hassabis reached master standard at the age of 13 with an Elo rating of 2300 (at the time the second highest rated player in the world Under-14 after Judit Polgár who had a rating of 2335

ni bilo 300M

In January 2014 DeepMind was acquired by Google for a reported ?400 million (approximately $625 million), where Hassabis is now Vice President of Engineering leading their general AI projects.

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DeepMind Technologies's goal is to "solve intelligence",[25] which they are trying to achieve by combining "the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms".[25] They are trying to formalize intelligence[26] in order to not only implement it into machines, but also understand the human brain, as Demis Hassabis explains:

[...] attempting to distil intelligence into an algorithmic construct may prove to be the best path to understanding some of the enduring mysteries of our minds.[27]

Currently the company's focus is on publishing research on computer systems that are able to play games, and developing these systems, ranging from strategy games such as Go[28] to arcade games. According to Shane Legg human-level machine intelligence can be achieved "when a machine can learn to play a really wide range of games from perceptual stream input and output, and transfer understanding across games[...]."[29] Research describing an AI playing seven different Atari video games (Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders, Seaquest, Beamrider, Enduro, and Q*bert) reportedly led to their acquisition by Google.[3]
Deep reinforcement learning

As opposed to other AIs, such as IBM's Deep Blue or Watson, which were developed for a pre-defined purpose and only function within its scope, DeepMind claims that their system is not pre-programmed: it learns from experience, using only raw pixels as data input. Technically it uses deep learning on a convolutional neural network, with a novel form of Q-learning, a form of model-free reinforcement learning.[1][30] They test the system on video games, notably early arcade games, such as Space Invaders or Breakout.[30][31] Without altering the code, the AI begins to understand how to play the game, and after some time plays, for a few games (most notably Breakout), a more efficient game than any human ever could.[31] For most games though (Space Invaders, Ms Pacman, Q*Bert for example), DeepMind plays well below the current World Record. The application of DeepMind's AI to video games is currently for games made in the 1970s and 1980s, with work being done on more complex 3D games such as Doom, which first appeared in the early 1990s.[31]

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3-0 za google.

vostok_1 ::

Jz sm že po prvi zmagi bil prepričan, da bo win. Še pred tekmo sem bil prepričan da bo to tako. Iz preprostega bi dali vn nekaj kar ni bilo že robustno preizkušeno.
Nenazadnje če je igral toliko in toliko iger proti sebi, je najbrž med temi bilo par takih, ki je razvijalce osupilo in jim dalo vedet that this is it.

Vredno ogleda ...

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