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TOREJ FAZIT: PLATA JE IZGLEDA DOA, kakšni so naslednji koraki?
Naročilo je blo 11.02. (kupljeno pri altstore) Plata pa prišla 16.02. Odstop od ponudbe / reklamacija / garancija & obvestim prodajalca in direkt na servis. Novo plato bi mel ASAP.

[Product Information]
Product Type : Motherboard
Product Model : TUF GAMING B550-PLUS
Product S/N : LCM0CS10P123D3J
Operation System / Firmware or BIOS version : Nothing/ the fw version that was shipped with the motherboard

[Graphics Card Vendor/model/Chipset/Driver]
Asus GTX 1650 mini dual oc

[CPU vendor/processor number]
Ryzen 5 5600x

[Memory vendor/model/specification]
2*8gb GSkill RipJaws 3200, cl 16-18-18-38 1.35v

Crucial 500gb 2.5" & intenso 128gb SSD, 1tb wd blue

[Problem Description]
Subject:System wont boot/ no post / no beep
No os, no image on screen (even on post) no beep,
LEDs working, chasis fan, CPU fan, gpu fans and led working. Using two (very very dimnikar)monitors with Both having DP & HDMI cables connected to gpu in mainboard parts, no signal on both monitors on both interfaces. Only the CPU, main board and Ram sticks are New. Everything Else is from previous builds. GPU & crucial SSD are used from Nov 2020.
Hi! ,
I made some observations regarding the problem and it is solved. There is no beeper, but status LEDs (by the dimm-ram slots) which in the in are all green. I had to remove everything, take out the MB battery and plug only the minimum setup (only PSU) and has to use the flashback usb feature to update it to the newest version (1804).
However I get new errors. The time doesn't update after I set it to today and save (everyday it is Thursday 18/2/21, in a few minutes, it'll be Friday 19/2/21) and the New Cpu installed/detected warning @ post.
Using only mainboard + PSU with flasback solved the issue of not having an image at all, but still there are problems.
Another mail from my troubleshooting efforts with the asus manual. I am also adding a onedrive folder wich contains photos (of bios, post and everything else related), the actuall bios file I used to flash this as well as some descriptions. Here is the link: Komp
Additional steps I made:
1) I took out the bios (CRC2032 battery), left it approx 10 minutes out. And put it back. -> No QLED, no signal from HDMI/DP (Asus GTX 1650 dual mini - GPU). Other LEDs on, all other fans and LEDs on.
2)Repeated 1 time (more time out of mainboard) QLED and signal working. No Keyboard. Changing the hubs of my monitors. (to the ones by the flashback USB ports (11. according to chapter 1.2.2) Doesn't work anymore.
3) New bios battery. See 1)
4) Took photos of capacitors (only those visible) - see images in folder
5) Changed to different ports number 11 (the two 11 port on the right side of the HDMI on image of chapter 1.2.2. Bios now shows 1/1/2019, -128°C mb temperature.
6) Inserting/removing new/old bios battery, New CPU installed loop again. "Error" LED, the most up (Green) stays up lit (is this error LED?) Both CPU and 2 SDDs and 1 HDD, and all HUBs, 1Kbd, 1 mouse are detected. Bios ver. 1804 02/02/21.
7) New bios battery, Came into bios, saved date and time (today), reboot. New CPU post message again, date reset to 1/1/2019
Any ideas? I am probably going to RMA it.

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