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Asus A7S333 -> voltaža

Asus A7S333 -> voltaža

ru7 ::

Ali ima mogoče kdo to plato, pa je pogruntal kaj v zvezi z dviganjem Vcore, ker jst nisem nič pogruntal

greego ::

Mam isto plato , sn dal ta novi Bios gor, pa spet isto nikjer nobene opcije za štimat Voltaže...sam un hardver monitor mas pa nic drugega.
A morš to kje posebej gor vklopit al kaj?

ru7 ::

V knigci tudi nc pametnga ne najdem! Ima kdo kako idejo!

m.i.h.a. ::

Nič ne bo, sam mam tudi to plato, pa je bila pri specifikacijah od plate napisana napaka. Pisalo je kao, da ta plata to podpira, v resnici pa ne.;(
We are in deep shit.|O

m.i.h.a. ::

Je pa res, da so na "podobni plati" ASUS A7V333 to poštimali z volt modi na plošči, če nimaš pojma o elektroniki raje ne poizkušaj. Mislim pa da je bil link o temu enkrat v novicah tukaj na Slo-techu.

ru7 ::

Upamo, da v novem biosu

v 1005 beta tega še ni, tako da mogoče v Final verziji

Na enmu forumu so pisali pismo Asusu


Dear User,

Thanks for choosing ASUSTeK.

Oh,we are so terrible sorry about this issue.This is the mistaken made by our engineer.According to the spec,A7S333 can not support
'Flexible CPU Core Voltage Adjustments in 0.05V increments over defaults ' and 'Adjustable VIO memory voltage ' function.This will be
revise in the next version manual and our website.Please forgive our wrong.

Any future problem,please feel free let me know.

If you have any complain or suggestion about our tech support service,
please mail to Tsd@asus.com.tw with your previous mail as well as our TSD reply content using the subject "+ Your previous
mail subject". If only for further tech query, please just do a simple reply. Thanks a lot!

Best Regards:

ASUS CSC Shanghai

---------- Original Message ----------

From : Marc.McAllister@globalcrossing.com

Sent : 2002-6-17 18:24:00

To : "tsd@asus.com.tw"

Subject : Question regarding alledged voltage adjustment for A7S333?


I recently bought an A7S333 as it matched my requirements perfectly,
especially the voltage adjustment option.

However, I assembled my system and headed into the bios to have a look at
upping the core voltage but there's no options at all. I've trawled through
the newsgroups and various discussion forums and have found that no-one else
has been able to find this out either.

Are there undocumented ways to up the voltage on this motherboard, or are
there any plans to release a bios that will allow this?

Kind regards,

m.i.h.a. ::

No kot sem rekel nič ne bo!:(

greego ::

ru7 al pa kir drugi s to plato a ste mogoče imeli kake probleme da ni šlo množilnika spreminjat, oziroma u biosu ga je šlo sam pol pa ni več bootalo?...procesor je pa 99% odklenjen.:\

ru7 ::

Nimam odklenjenga proca, ker itak ne bom dobil več ven na defolt voltaži, tako, da ne vem! Pojdi pogledat na Asus forum, maš prav za vsako plato posebej, če boš kaj najdu!

m.i.h.a. ::

To sem našel na enem forumu.

u>Re: ASUS A7S333 CPU & DRAM Frequency Selection

Re: ASUS A7S333 CPU & DRAM Frequency Selection
there are 2 bugs in the bios on this board, when running the memory ratio at 4/5 the bios ASYNC actually isnt working its in normal maode thats why the benchmarks arent good, ASUS actually removed ASYNC on the ratio4/5, ive done alot of research, and many hours of pulling my hair out with this board. the most stable i had found is with the mem retio at 1/1 it dosent reboot all the time, Trust me, i have my AMD DURON Spitfire 750mhz (factory set) Successfully clocked at 950mhz at a 266mhz bus which on this board would mean the FSB is set at 133mhz DDR and the VCORE is set at 1.8v.
The second bug in this motherboard is that when you have it set to JUMPER FREE mode you can adjust the FSB but you cant adjust the MULTIPLIER, which IS true because i unlocked my chip and still cant in fact i cut the L7,L4and the L3 rails so i could adjust the VCORE and the MULTIPLIER with a regular pencil. thats how i got the settings above. well did have those settings, the board had died on me, BUT IT WASNT FROM OVERCLOCKING IT, i had lost all my pci slots and the sound so i went and bought a new sound card and still nothing, im currenly waiting for the replacement, should get it monday, i hope. im tired of this super socket 7 motherboard with a AMD K6-2 clocked at 620mhz with a ATI Expert128 16mb PCI video card, its slow, well not to slow it runs allmost all my games as fast as my A7S333 does.

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