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Iščem alternativo vuduju

Iščem alternativo vuduju

Arthur ::

točno tako. trenutni v3 3000 mi povzroča nemalo bsod-ov v xp-jih, in bi ga rad zamenjal. kaj naj vzamem za približno isto ceno? koliko je danes sploh še vreden v3 2000@3000?

Fury ::

vredn 5/6k sit.. ce ne rabs za spile kup en gf2 mx al pa kej tazga starga drgac pa poglej cenik

CaqKa ::

še en ki ne zna poiskat pravih driverov...
idi po slotechu malo iskat.. je bilo vse polno tem ki so se navezovale na voodoo xp drivere.

Ziga Dolhar ::

Imam voodoo 3500, BSODa nisem videl od časov Win 98.

CaqKa ::

upam da se nebo razpizdo pa napiso da on hoce novo karto ne pa driverov :).. ja jaz sem z voodoojem imel par totalnih frizov v igri starmonkey... ampak res samo tam.. q3 in podobno je lepo spilalo.. sedaj imam gf2mx

Arthur ::

CaqKa: točno tako, kot si napisal v 2. postu! driverjev sem sprobal že ene par( Caireyeve, 3dfx-undergroundove in dozerjeve - vse najnovejše verzije), in nič ne pomaga. skoraj 100% imam kakšen hardware konflikt. zato v resnici iščem novo grafično, ne pa driverjev...
malo na hitro si me ocenil, CaqKa! :\ no, ampak saj z drugim postom si mi dal vsaj malo prav.;)

CaqKa ::

ma če se pa zadne cajte vcasih kdo tak nazaj razpizdi ko mu kaj druge predlagas da je kuj hudo...
preveri če se ti slučajno preveč greje ta zadeva napisano maš 2000@3000 si že pomislil da bi to lahko bil vzrok težav?
če pa misliš resno novo grafično nabavit pša idi hitro ker mislim da ukinjajo prodajo gf2mx da pride gf4mx na vrsto...
sem pa drugace uporabljal tele Hujor HoE-jeve drivere na tej strani. mogoce se bo ziggga povedal svojo verzijo driverjev

Arthur ::

ne ne, ni problem, da se pregreva. špili delajo 110% (zanesljivo, ne hitro :8) ). zmrzne kar ne lepem, ko poslušam musko, naprimer.
da bo pa gf-jev 2MX zmanjkalo, se pa sploh ne bojim. itak sem mislil nabavit rabljenega. mimogrede - a ni gf2 mx hitrejši od v3 3000?

dodatek: zdajle si vlečem te driverje, bom videl kako se bojo obnesli..

Zgodovina sprememb…

  • spremenil: Arthur ()

Matek ::

Ja, GF2MX je dosti hitrejši od V3-ja, pa še T&L strojno podporo ma. Tudi nove špile se da igrat na nizkih resolucijah in detajlih.
Bolje ispasti glup nego iz aviona.

CaqKa ::

arthur dent: na mojem c2 566mhz 384 rama se ne opazi ravno blazne razlike med v3 3000 in gf2mx....

Arthur ::

nah, sej bom videl. če mi s telimi driverji ne bo zmrzval, bom kartico kar obdržal. sicer pa kupim novo. zaenkrat se še ni friznl.

CaqKa ::

s tem postopkom bi ti moralo uspet še dobit 3dfx toolse in tv out

Finally! Play games and run Glide on your Windows XP machine with your VooDoo3/4/5!

Note: This is by no means a professional tutorial on how to accomplish this task. It's only an account of my amateur experience and based on the fact that it works on my machines. Although it is highly unlikely that you will experience any serious problems with your computer while performing this tutorial, I feel like I need to state that under no circumstances will I be held liable for any damaged files, operating systems, software or hardware before, during or after you follow this tutorial. I can assure you that my intentions are to help you and not to "hack" you or defile your computer maliciously or leave the possibility open for others to hack you either. That's all the assurance I can offer you. ;) With that out of the way, if you still feel like learning something, keep reading!

As most of you know: (as quoted from the notorious NVIDIA petition on http://www.petitiononline.com/) "Nvidia purchased 3dfx Interactive, and have not lifted a finger to support existing 3dfx products. They basically bought out 3dfx to kill the company and boost sales of their own products. With the release of Windows XP, Nvidia has decided to shaft 3dfx owners by not creating compatible drivers for the new operating system. What does this mean? Well users of the Voodoo line of 3dfx card will not able to use all of the features that their card was intended for when they upgrade to Windows XP. Before, users had support for 3D API engines such as GLIDE, OpenGL and Direct 3D. With the new operating system, GLIDE and OpenGL support are gone and games like Quake 2 and 3 (which run under OpenGL) cannot be played by these users."

Well, not anymore! Thanks to an individual by the name of, Hujer HoE, you and I can finally get back to playing our games and fully enjoy the new release of Windows XP! I found this tool through a friend at work and felt like the explanation at the actual web site just wasn't clear enough to understand. So I wrote this one for others that would like a more detailed description of how to take advantage of this wonderful tool. Drop him a line and thank him if you have time. This tutorial wouldn't exist if it weren't for him. ;)

The following is a tutorial on how to set up your VooDoo 3/4/5 card to play 3d games. If you have already installed Windows XP on your machine and have a VooDoo card, you will notice that it already works. But as for video games, you are very much out of luck. The default Windows XP drivers do not (by any means) take advantage of your glide features or any features for that matter. Well, without further adieu, here's how you do it:

Let's Begin!

First you'll have to download the latest 3dfx (original) Windows 2000 drivers for your VooDoo card at the VooDooFiles.com driver page: http://www.voodoofiles.com/3dfxhelp.asp. The following files have been tested and have been known to work with this tutorial (courtesy of VooDooFiles.com):
VooDoo3 2000/3000
VooDoo3 3500TV
Run the .EXE file you just downloaded. Don't worry, it doesn't try to install the drivers it only unpacks them to the location of your choice.
Ok now that you have unpacked them you need to move the "driver2k" folder (located in the unpacked folder) to the recycle bin. DON'T DELETE IT. We will use it later. Just put it there for now.
Run setup.exe from your unpacked directory. (Note: You will get errors. Hit the "Ignore" button for all of them and continue installing until installation is complete)
Once installation is complete you should see a dialog asking you to reboot your machine. DO NOT REBOOT when it asks you to do so. Click NO.
Next you'll have to download Hujer HoE's custom driver zip file.You can download it from NTcompatible.com's 3dfx FAQ page.
Once downloaded, extract the contents to a folder on your desktop. (If you use WinZip and perform a default extraction it should automatically extract a folder called "3dfx" with all of the contents you need within. So there's no need to create a folder in this case.)
Open your device manager. (Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Double-click the "System" icon > Click the "Hardware" tab > Click the "Device Manager..." button.)
Expand the "Display Adapters" item and double click your video card.
Click on the "Driver" tab.
Click the Update driver..." button. This should open the Device Driver Wizard. Click the "Next" button. (fig.1)


Check the "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" radio button and click the "Next" button.
In the next page of the wizard, check the "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install." radio button and click the "Next" button. (fig. 2)

(fig. 2)

Click the "Have Disk..." button and browse for the freshly extracted "3dfx" folder.
Navigate the browse through the following folders: "3dfx" > "Vsa" > "diver2k" and then select the "3dfxvs2k.inf" file and click the "Open" button. Then click "OK".
In the "Models:" list, select your VooDoo card model and click the "Next" button.
You will be presented with the following alert dialog (fig. 3):

(fig. 3)

Click on the "Continue Anyway" button and proceed with the installation.
Once it is installed, you should restart you computer (if it hasn't already asked you to or done it by default).
When it restarts you will probably see your resolution is down at 640x480 or a little higher. Don't try messing with your settings just yet. At this point Glide and OpenGL should be active, but you can't get to any of your proprietary features like anti-aliasing, or 3dTV, etc. (depending on your model). This is where my tutorial goes above and beyond. I found out how to get those features back! Keep reading.
Now you will want to RE-INSTALL the original 3dfx VooDoo drivers for you card (make sure to move the "driver2k" folder back into the extracted driver folder).
Re-install them as you normally would. Make sure you click the "Ignore" or "Continue Anyway" buttons as they may appear.
It will ask you to restart. DON'T.
Go back to Hujer HoE's "3dfx\Vsa\driver2k" directory and copy the following files to the "C:\WINDOWS\system32" directory and overwrite any existing files:
Now you can restart your machine.
Once it has been fully restarted, that's it! Set up your video settings how you see fit, play your games and enjoy your 3dfx ToolsTM!

Post Script:

It has come to my attention that Microsoft has begun to offer 3dfx display drivers through thier Windows Update service. DO NOT INSTALL THESE DRIVERS! They do work, but they do not support Glide or OpenGL! They will also remove your 3dfx Tools if they are installed. If you happen to mistakenly install these drivers, just run through my tutorial again and you should be fine. Thanks!

Arthur ::

CaqKa, hvala za tale navodila, ampak saj špili mi že zdaj delajo. tv-outa mi sicer ni ratal usposobit, verjetno ker ga sploh nimam :)) hujerjevi driverji so se čisto lepo inštalirali, in zdaj je ok. kot pravim, če ne bo zmrzovalo, bom vuduja obdržal, sicer ne.
hvala še enkrat.

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