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Opis delovnega mesta

Zebra BI empowers enterprise companies and data specialists to create insightful and actionable reports in just a few clicks, using advanced visualization and reporting tools for Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

Zebra BI is a successful Slovenian startup with 20 employees founded by Andrej Lapajne, who has 20+ years of experience in the business intelligence space. Zebra BI is growing fast and moving into a more mature phase of its lifecycle, which requires even more professional processes with organizational adjustments while maintaining a relaxed company culture and agility.

We are looking for the best people, who think strategically, are excellent in execution, and will grow with our company. If changing the way of how people interpret the data excites you, we would be more than happy to consider your application.

What do we do?
At Zebra BI, we are developing two products that are among the world's top tools for business analytics and advanced data visualization. It all started with the first product (Zebra BI for Excel), which gives companies like Bosch, Swatch, and Swarovski a better insight into their business success. It includes a wide variety of charts and tables that perfectly fit the desired size, as well as practical templates that users can easily use on their own data.

With our second and younger product, Zebra BI for Power BI, we're upgrading the front-end functionality of the Microsoft Power BI platform. With that, we help the most advanced companies in the world, to create advanced visualizations with Zebra BI and identify trends and deviations within their business. We are also a member of the Microsoft Power BI Advisory Board.

Since our launch in 2014, more than 2,000 companies have powered their decisions with Zebra BI visuals, among them Facebook, Uber, Coca Cola, Duracell, Daimler, and many others. These visuals are so powerful, that even Microsoft uses them for internal reporting.

Due to the rapid growth, we are mainly looking for help in the development of our online Zebra BI for Power BI solution (TypeScript, D3, HTML, CSS, SVG).

Roles and responsibilities of web development team:
The main responsibilities of our web development are Excel and Power BI tools, which are both at the world's top and are daily used by thousands of business analysts for presenting and interpreting business data.

Unlike the traditional data analysis, which can often be inaccurate and time-consuming, our visuals help companies, such as Philips, Heineken, and Coca-Cola to generate in-depth and understandable reports in just a few clicks.


- Development of functionalities, our users will be glad to use
- Contribution to the technical specifications of our modules, defining them, and implementation of tour modules.
- Assistance in defining and improving architecture
- Coding, reviewing the code of other team members, and ensuring code quality in general
- Collaboration with other teams (eg sales, marketing, BI support)
- Mentoring and assisting younger or less experienced developers

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

- Experience (3+ years) with web development (JavaScript / TypeScript, HTML, CSS)
- Good knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts
- Active use and knowledge of the English language
- Interest in the field of data visualization
- UI/UX skills
- Accuracy, systematicity and working in teams

- Experience with TypeScript, D3.js, SVG, React.js
- Experience with Excel and Power BI
- Experience with data modeling and databases

Kandidatom ponujamo

- A remote-first working environment with the option to work at brand new offices in Tehnološki Park Ljubljana Brdo
- Flexible working schedule – we understand that the time we are the most productive differs between each individual. Therefore, besides pre-determined team meetings, you are free to organize your working time according to your preferences.
- Dedicated budget for your home office equipment
- A fast-paced working environment and a growing team
- Prestigious clients
- Courses, conferences, and educational workshops
- Permanent employment with a trial period
- Competitive salary


tanja@rekruter.si or tanja@rekruter.si

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

3000 EUR / uro
Delovni čas:
redna zaposlitev


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napredno znanje

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Smo svetovalno podjetje, ki že več kot 10 let nudi kadrovske storitve slovenskim in tujim naročnikom. Specializirani smo za iskanje in selekcijo strokovnega in vodstvenega kadra, razvoj zaposlenih, izvedbo ocenjevalnih centrov, storitve outplacementa ter kadrovski outsourcing.
Odlikujejo nas prijaznost, strokovnost, objektivnost in diskretnost.

Znanje in bogate izkušnje na področju kadrovskih storitev nam omogočajo izpeljavo hitrih in strokovnih rešitev. Prepoznavni smo po odzivnosti in individualnem pristopu, visoki meri zaupanja ter partnerskih odnosih z našimi strankami.

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Naša konkurenčna prednost je vsekakor v tem, da kandidata oz. njegove želje postavljamo na prvo mesto. Smo kadrovska agencija kar nam omogoča širino in dober pogled nad trgom dela. Hkrati sodelujemo z različnimi podjetji tako v Sloveniji kot tudi v tujini, kar nam omogoča, da lahko glede na preference kandidatov predstavljamo tiste pozicije, ki so relavantne.

Poleg tega s kandidati gradimo dolgoročen odnos, saj se zavedamo, da se lahko vsak trenutek pojavi priložnost, ki bo določenem kandidatu pisana na kožo.

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