FRONT-END DEVELOPER @ Hooray Studios d.o.o.

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Hooray Heroes is a company dedicated to putting smiles on children’s faces all over the world with our amazing personalized books created just for them in which they’re the heroes of the stories! To help us accomplish this mission, we are looking for a front-end developer to reinforce our team, bring fresh ideas and elegant solutions to hard technical problems.

You will be responsible for building the ‘client-side’ of our web applications. You should be able to translate our company's and customers' needs into functional and appealing interactive applications. If you’re interested in creating a user-friendly environment by writing code and moving forward in your career, then this job is for you. We expect you to be a tech-savvy professional, who is curious about new digital technologies and aspires to combine usability with visual design.

What you'll do:
- build front end interfaces in HTML/CSS/JS,
- maintain existing code for the front end,
- work closely with designers and content editor for layouts and graphics,
- collaborate with back end developers for data supply,
- optimize code for speed and pleasant User Experience,
- create mock-ups, prototypes for demonstration purposes,
- track evolving technologies to improve the application,
- integrate feedback from users back into the product,
- force high quality graphics standards and consistency,
- design mobile-based features,
- always stay consistent with our brand guidelines.

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What skills we expect:
- mark-up languages like HTML,
- styling languages like CSS, SASS, SCSS,
- scripting languages like JavaScript or TypeScript (VueJS),
- build tools like webpack,
- version control like git,
- SEO principles,
- strong aesthetic sense,
- knowledge of the development process from design, development to deployment,
- familiarity with graphic design software (Photoshop for example),
- good understanding of asynchronous request handling,
- proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them,
- writing for browser automation tests and testing API,
- proficient knowledge of English language.

Kandidatom ponujamo

What we offer you:
- products you can be genuinely proud of,
- a young, diverse and international work atmosphere,
- flexible schedules and the possibility to work remotely on a non-regular basis,
- the BEST work environment with good vibes and high-achieving heroes with various superpowers ready to help (great staff parties included),
- support to develop your skills and grow professionally and personally,
- and because we care about your health, we bring in fresh fruit every week and provide an assortment of cereal for your morning breakfast, as well as coffee, tea and other refreshments (a.k.a. free food when on shift!).

We believe that people are the core of everything we do. If you are looking for a career and not just a job, you're in the right place!


Please send us your CV and a motivational letter in English on our e-mail address: career@hooraystudios.com. We will get in touch soon!

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O podjetju

EVERY STORY STARTS SOMEWHERE ... Ours started from the heart.
A few years ago two friends became uncles. It was the first time their lives were touched by someone so small and yet so important. They searched for the perfect gift, something special and personal enough that would demonstrate how they felt. They could not find one. So they decided to create one.

Our mission is to make products that go above and beyond the boundaries of personalization and create stories with sparks of magic for children and adults alike.
Our Vision is to create a magical, timeless experience for every single child in the world so they can see themselves as the heroes of their own stories.

WE DO NOT JUST SHOOT FOR THE STARS ... we aim to go beyond! We are not afraid to set our bar as high as the furthest star the eye can see.

Over the past few years, our team has grown exponentially. Like, really fast. We have gone from 4 people in a garage to a team of over 120 passionate and dedicated professionals divided into 14 departments.

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1. One Of a Kind Working Environment
Controlled chaos is something that we all feel comfortable in. A mixture of high expectations, constant collaboration, excitement, and fun gives us space where we are allowed to be creative, out of the box and productive.

2. Inspiring Team
We are a group of passionate, goal-oriented and creative people. Being spontaneous is something that is natural to us, also to be self-initiating and flexible. We do not need external motivation because we are already on fire!

3. We Are Proud Of What We Do
We are all proud ambassadors and number one fans of our products. Feedback we receive from our customers is our fuel. It provides us with an amazing, crazy good feeling that we are doing something great and meaningful.

4. We Like To Hang Out And Celebrate
We surely work hard but we also know how to have a great time. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments and everything good. There is always an opportunity to toast to, make popcorn for, or to inspire a movie night.

5. Well-Stocked Kitchen
We take good breakfast and coffee very seriously. That is why our kitchen is well-stocked with healthy cereals, fresh fruit, milk and everything needed to keep our stomachs happy.

6. We are One Big Family
We succeed and celebrate together, we fail together, and we cry together. We are not ashamed to ask for help and we gladly offer support to our coworkers in need. It is really great to have a second family.

7. We are Passionate As Hell
Passion is the key to our success. That is all we have to say!

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