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We have a bunch of challenges and are looking for a new colleague to join our Ceneje / Heureka Group - frontend team. You would be located in Ljubljana offices but would be strongly working with our international Czech team.

Join our team in order to create and refine our frontend systems for the largest e-commerce catalog in Europe! If you are interested in front-end frameworks (vue.js, react, angular), microservices, APIs, UX, etc. you just might be the person we are looking for.

We are working on a variety of different challenges and high-scaling projects, so you will always have the chance to voice your opinion and collaborate with a team of fun, but professional people.

Don't be afraid to apply! Join us at our office, let's have a small chat about what we can offer you while enjoying a cup of coffee together.

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# Some of your daily challenges

As mentioned above working at Ceneje / Heureka is far from boring. Some of our day to day operational tasks as frontend engineers are to:
* Improve the load time and performance of our products
* Improve the UI and UX of our products
* Collaborate with our creative team
* Design fast and independent microservices
* Develop different tools for our Editorial team
* Collaborate in the running of A/B testing
* Think critically and design new service architectures
* Share and expand the know-how in the team and the entire company
* Maintain a good, non-conflicting mood in the team
* Write technical documentation

We do not require that you know the ins and outs of a particular tech stack, but are more inclined to hire people that can think on their feet, have a solid understanding of the front-end language of their choosing, know how to pass on their knowledge to others, and are above all team players. The reason behind this is that we strongly believe in the methodology of using the right tool for the job which means that you will have ample opportunity to grow as a developer.

Communication between developers is heavily encouraged, meaning that having coffee breaks, ping-pong games or any other activities together enables us to have some fun while we tackle hard problems unique to our industry.

# What you will have the opportunity of using

Knowledge is power and we never stop learning and (if necessary) stop expanding our stack which currently consists of technologies like:
* Vue.js
* Nuxt
* Vuex
* Webpack
* React native
* Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes
* Maybe a tech stack that you introduce us to

Kandidatom ponujamo

# What we can give you

In addition to the regular salary, we offer the following list of benefits:

* Opportunity to participate in the development of a product that is currently used by 3 million unique users per month locally and 23 million users in entire group. There will be unique technical challenges that you just can't get anywhere else.
* Great company culture and open mindset.
* Opportunity to learn a lot from the huge shared know-how we have in Heureka.
* Support you in improving your skills, including participation in training and conferences.
* Organized hackathons.
* Mentorship and structured onboarding process.
* Career path adapted to your personal growth wishes.
* We are working in tribes and teams which consist of developers, product managers, and scrum masters.
* Free working hours, working from home, and a lot of other benefits such as cafeteria, meal vouchers, etc.…

Extra benefits:
* additional pension insurance
* parking spot


# General tips

Here are some general tips which can help you land your next dream job:

* Start with a short description. Think of this part as an elevator pitch. Make it interesting for the reader!
* Don't forget to tackle the question "Why do you want to join us?"
* Mention the project that you are proud of the most
* Honesty Goes A Long Way, so make sure, to be honest with us and yourself

# Contact

If you can see yourself in description above and you think we would have great cooperation, don't hesitate to contact me on bostjan.bogataj@ceneje.si and I will invite you for a informative coffee, where you'll see great Ceneje vibes and we'll find if we are a match.

Also, check all other employment opportunities on https://www.ceneje.si/zaposlitev

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

2500 do 4000 bruto EUR / mesec
Delovni čas:
redna zaposlitev


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