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Personality test...

Personality test...


billy ::

Ce koga zanima kaksna osebnost je lahko to tudi preizkusi s tem testom: http://test3.thespark.com/person/

mene in mojega kolega je cisto tocno opisal...

ABX ::

precej natančno.
Vaša inštalacija je uspešno spodletela!

frudi ::

mi je reklo, da sem mastermind in naj se ne učim nemščine :D
gotta love it...

evo vam še enega testa...
1ACDoHVj3wn7N4EMpGVU4YGLR9HTfkNhTd... in case I've written something useful :)

Lunik ::

Ampak res zelo natančno. Jest sm tut Mastermind ;)

frudi ::

a ste sprobali še ostale Sparkove teste?
jaz sem do zdaj ugotovil, da sem 17% gay, 29% bastard in definitivno moški :D
1ACDoHVj3wn7N4EMpGVU4YGLR9HTfkNhTd... in case I've written something useful :)

Huey P ::

Poglejte si tole;

Matej, you are a JUDGE!

Like just 3% of the population you are a JUDGE (DICT). Your affinity for facts and analytical approach to life help you some complex problems and make tough decisions that others cannot. But don't think you don't act like a bitch a lot of the time. You jump into arguments and hold grudges like crazy. Try jumping into the sack and holding buttocks, instead. You could probably use some love.

While some may see you as a bit overbearing and arrogant, your friends know that you are a trustworthy person with depth and a strong sense of righteousness. Although you are introverted and somewhat reserved, you have a forceful personality that your friends appreciate and your enemies fear. God help them. God help all of us.

..::DOOM III: The Legacy::..

jeti ::

Tut jest sm JUDGE:0:)
Bolje vrabec v roki kot (p)tič v riti!
Včasih je bil http://come.to/jeti

zetko ::

Jst sm pa biznismen>:D:D8-)
Living it another way.....

ABX ::

Jaz sem tudi
Judge dick ops dict :)
Vaša inštalacija je uspešno spodletela!

Elemen_T ::

jest pa mentor...pa vam povem da je 90% faljeno >:D

jakinj ::

Jaz sem pa Artist pa v življenju še nisem nič napisal ali pa narisal.
Lahko pša da se šteje modificiranje ohišja pa sestavljanje računalnikov tudi k umetnosti.
To live whitin the circle of life only one thing is asked in return. Everyone pays the ultimate price. Make every moment count.

trillian ::


sem experimenter

39% gay

kot kaze definitivno moski... na gender testu...(ne vem kaj naj si o tem mislim)

3% stresna oseba. da se se tega resim, se moram znebiti vesti. sicer so rekli naj si ze najdem sluzbo (povprecna stresnost za zenski spol je 55%)

in nisem noseca.

vsake toliko resujem tele teste... na nekaj mesecev.. ce je kaka sprememba.
"The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance"

ahac ::

While being called an accountant isn't really that cool, neither are you.
Seriously: accountants are good at whatever they do. They can always be trusted, especially by their friends. They almost never cheat or steal.
Slo-Tech Discord - https://discord.gg/ppCtzMW

gkovac ::

zanimive zadeve morm rečt... mene so določil kot PROBER... hehhe... in izgleda da am probleme z prepričevanjem ljudi da sem inteligenten :D

no frudi... a je res??

"Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse."

BC3 ::

(Dominant Introvert Concrete Feeler )

Like just 3% of the population you are a PROBER (DICF)--curious, passionate, driven, and probing.
You're the kind of person who can't leave well enough alone.
You have a very strong personality and a sense of adventure.
And you'd rather go out and experience things for yourself than take someone else's word for it.
Some people probably think you're a maniac.

People have a hard time believing you're an intelligent person.
Perhaps there's a reason for this? Time will tell.


Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: High
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Moderate
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

People with schizoid personality disorder avoid relationships and do not show much emotion. They genuinely prefer to be alone and do not secretly wish for popularity. They tend to seek jobs that require little social contact. Their social skills are often weak and they do not show a need for attention or acceptance. They are perceived as humorless and distant and often are termed "loners."

Many believe that schizotypal personality disorder represents mild schizophrenia. The disorder is characterized by odd forms of thinking and perceiving, and individuals with this disorder often seek isolation from others. They sometimes believe to have extra sensory ability or that unrelated events relate to them in some important way. They generally engage in eccentric behavior and have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. Their speech is often over elaborate and difficult to follow.

Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder is similar to obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder. People with this disorder are overly focused on orderliness and perfection. Their need to do everything "right" often interferes with their productivity. They tend to get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture. They set unreasonably high standards for themselves and others, and tend to be very critical of others when they do not live up to these high standards. They avoid working in teams, believing others to be too careless or incompetent. They avoid making decisions because they fear making mistakes and are rarely generous with their time or money. They often have difficulty expressing emotion.

tale ta drug je mal vorrying:O
-:| athlon x2 5000->phenom fx-5000@3G, vapor-x 4890, aeneon xtune |:-

mojsterpeter ::

Dreamer ;)
ill communication

Thomas ::

biznismen ... ja seveda! :D
Man muss immer generalisieren - Carl Jacobi

McAjvar ::


You are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF - Submissive Introverted Concrete Feeler). You are very tentative in the world and introverted with people--which means you are the shy and silent type. Hence the Internet. But behind your reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children. God bless you.

"[...] the advance of civilization is nothing
but an exercise in the limiting of privacy."
- Isaac Asimov

Elton ::

Končno en Submissive Introvert Concrete Feeler. Res pa je skoraj samo to, da sem introvertiran človek!

frudi ::

LMAO @ McAjvar :D
1ACDoHVj3wn7N4EMpGVU4YGLR9HTfkNhTd... in case I've written something useful :)

romci ::

No...ce ste ze odkrili The Spark, pol morte probat tud njihov IQ test, ker je en najboljsih, kar jih je na netu.
Ziher bote preseneceni nad rezultatom :)

-- not all those who wander are lost...

[DrAc0] ::

Thats me :
Like just 10% of the population you are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF)
Btw: just something !!

Monster ::

fulla nor test :))...
jest sem Sodnik(tada)>:D
Ka zaboga...

jetam ::

hmm Mentor

bostjan1s ::

(Dominant Extrovert Abstract Feeler )

Mr.-Viko ::

Yay! Sem H.W.F.M.C.O.T.I. Heh. :D
No comment, really

-=[ kekec ]=- ::

Zgleda, da sem prvi. No ja, ni slabo:

(Dominant Extrovert Concrete Feeler )

Like just 4% of the population you are an ACTIVIST (DECF):D-- motivated and righteous, you feel the need to change this harsh, horrible world we live in. >:DThe world would be your oyster, if you weren't 27% likely to be vegetarian. 8-OAnyway, you are forceful and outgoing, so you enjoy interacting with other people and are willing to aggressively pursue your goals. >:DIf you are male, you are probably thin and lanky, just because that's what activists look like.8-) If you are female, you probably wear thick-rimmed glasses and tight clothes *or* some kind of hippie outfit.:P

In more general terms, you are driven much more by emotion than logic. ;((But because of your ideals, you are more interested in real-world results than abstract conclusions. :D

Elton ::

Če predpostavim da sem gey: 48%;)
Če predpostavim da nisem gey: 38%:(

A.J. ::

Si nisem mislu de sm sodnik...

Dexxx ::

one dreamer around here...
....jebi, jebi,jebi....cenzorja....

Daedalus ::

Like just 12% of the population you are a DREAMER (SIAF)--reserved and imaginative. You are basically the shy, silent type. You don't have much interest in facts and figures or most of what's going on around you, but the internal worlds you build for yourself are rich and complex.

Luckily, your creativity and strong heart mean you have a deep personality evident to anyone who gets to know you. It's just that not many people do, because most everyone thinks you're a loser. Talk to yourself less, other people more, little shaver.

He he Dexxx, sma že dva:D
Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world,
he is responsible for everything he does.

Tr0n ::

Ehm, mene pa recimo zanima, kak se vam je dalo it skozi vsa ta vprasanja? :)

Tomi ::

Tudi jaz sem JUDGE..
Sedaj pa ravno rešujen IQ test..

jeti ::

Tomi: in koliko si dosegel? :D>:D
Bolje vrabec v roki kot (p)tič v riti!
Včasih je bil http://come.to/jeti

Mr.-Viko ::

Koliko vprašanj pa sploh ima ta njihov IQ test??? Sem prišel do tam okoli 550, potem se mi pa ni dalo naprej (jah, ura je pa tedaj tudi že bila skoraj 1 zjutraj). V čem je kaj fora, da se vprašanja ponavljajo...? Who knows, who cares, right? 8-)
No comment, really

Tomi ::

Ker sem bil na 1530 vprašanju, potem mi je pa bilo vsega dovolj, in sem nehal.
Sicer pa, koliko je vseh vprašanj? Da ugotovim, da sem nehal 30 vprašanj pred koncem:O

frudi ::

Tomi in Mr.-Viko, upam, da sta jim napisala pravi e-mail naslov, ker vama bojo tja poslali rezultate IQ testa. pol vama bo vse jasno :D
1ACDoHVj3wn7N4EMpGVU4YGLR9HTfkNhTd... in case I've written something useful :)

Tomi ::

Ja, jaz sem ga..
Torej je le fora v tem, da ko se začnejo vprašanja ponavljati, nehaš.. Ker po moje gredo v neskončno, ali pa se motim?

ABX ::

Prej ko se naveličaš bolj si pameten :)

Samo zgleda da jim ne dela pravilno, ker ko zapreš okno bi ti morali posalt e-mail z rezultati.

Že po 2/3 strani se začnejo vprašanja ponavljat, tak da...
Vaša inštalacija je uspešno spodletela!

fictionel ::

ej folk!

fora teh Iq testov je, da se uprasanja na katere odgovoris napacno ponovijo (so sam mau okol obrnena :))

jst sm neku pr ene 50. uprasanju pa sm dobu okol 160 tock :D

a nism pametn??? ;D

BC3 ::

ts ::

This is a psychological test. Do not prematurely scroll down and look at
the answer. Here it goes...

The main character in the story is a girl. When she was at the funeral of
her own mother, she met this guy who was also there but she did not know
who he was. This guy happened to be her dream guy so she fell in love with
him at once...

A few days later the girl killed her own sister. When the Police asked her
why she did that she gave an answer...

What is her motive in killing her sister? Give your answer before scrolling
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
She was hoping that the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you
answered this correctly, go to the police and tell them to lock you up.
This was a test by famous American psychologists used to test if one has
the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in
this test and answered it correctly. If you didn't answer correctly - good
for you. If your friends hit the jackpot, may I suggest that you keep your

frudi ::

you mean i DON'T have a killer's mentality? hm, i could have fooled me... :D
1ACDoHVj3wn7N4EMpGVU4YGLR9HTfkNhTd... in case I've written something useful :)

ts ::

je kdo prav odgovoril na test 2 posta zgoraj? jaz sem :|
komur daš ta test večinoma pravijo da jo je ubila zato ker naj bi ji sestra prevzela tistega fanta.

Kaboom ::

Like just 4% of the population you are an ADMINISTRATOR (SECT)--detail-oriented and organized. You're an extrovert, but you lack the over-aggressive tendencies of obnoxious "go-getters." Very nice. However, you probably like getting up in other people's business--living through them a little... dude, sometimes you just gotta let it ride. Don't be such a busy-body.

Anyway , you're an excellent manager, of both yourself and other people. That's because you prefer thinking concretely rather than creatively, and you'd rather follow what your mind tells you than your heart--people respect this, but it can make them mad when their appeals to love and kindness fall on deaf, deaf ears. Try to have a heart sometimes.

ne vem kaj naj rečem, ampak zadeva me je trofla... sicer horoskopom in podobnim osebnostnim predvidevanjem ne verjamem... ker če to prebere moja mama bo rekla, lej to so pa me čist trofli... vse te zadeve so narete tako da se vskado vidi v teh opisih, sem bral nekje. je bilo pa zanimivo. That dog WAS high ! >:D

p.s. - če sem administrator, zakaj mi ne daste potem vsaj naziv moderatorja ? :D
dajte še drugi moderatorji naredite test, da vidimo kakšni ste;)
Če se zatakne - pritisni močneje. Če se zlomi - bil je skrajni čas za nakup novega.

Zgodovina sprememb…

  • spremenil: Kaboom ()

jRk0 ::

Like just 3% of the population you are a BUSINESSMAN (DECT). Hide the children and protect the bunnies, basically. In ancient times you would be a deadly barbarian. These days, you're perfect for Wall Street. You prefer concrete thinking to a more creative style, and your direct modes of thought and action help you succeed in whatever you may try to accomplish.

Your forceful and outgoing personality can make you seem like a hothead, but because your mind ultimately rules your heart you rarely let your emotions get in the way of your goals. By the way, think of Genghis Kahn buying seven million pork bellies on the trading market, and then eating half of them, and you have yourself. Good luck.
You fuck up once, you loose two teeth.

BlackHole ::

No, ker še ni nobenega, jaz sem pa HEALER na tistem prvem testu.

luni ::


(Submissive Introvert Concrete Thinker )

Like just 7% of the population you are an ACCOUNTANT (SICT)--reserved, meticulous, and dependable. While being called an accountant isn't really that cool, neither are you. You aren't exactly the life of the party, but you do have fun, and the people close to you really do love you.

Ne bi mogel reci, da sem ravno najbolj zadovoljen z odgovorom. No ja...
Artificial Intelligentia

trillian ::

po novem se mentor.

love, trillian.
"The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance"

Double_J ::


Kar pričakovano.

Vredno ogleda ...

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