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The Senior Project Manager (SPM) leads the delivery team and is responsible for the delivery of a project or program scope, driven by the highest value/highest priority, with the available resources, specified time, defined delivery quality, identified benefits, and risks. SPM is able to fully utilize all project life cycle phases and fine-tune (tailor-fit) them to specific project/program needs.


- Applies and tailors knowledge of different project management methodologies and project metrics while improving on existing and introducing new project metrics depending on the project needs.
- Negotiates, influences, and balances between the team, management expectations, and client expectations about requirements, order of work, dependencies in and between activities
- Serves project team in order to enable, create and have consistent, planned, and owned delivery.
- Observes and helps the team identify and remove redundant and insufficient processes create a lean approach to develop and deliver value to a customer.
- Empowers the team and team members to think, delegate, and shape the thoughts and ideas of others instead of dictating their plans.
- Leads risk identification, analysis, documentation of RAID while planning proper ways to improve actions, plans, and responses to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to project objectives.
- Follows and upgrades to fit project needs upon existing guidance, templates, and directions on how the project should be managed.
- Organizes and ladies succession planning — identifies team members with the right skills and motivation for next-gen leaders, in particular younger PM/SMs.

Od kandidatov zahtevamo


- A secondary degree diploma (IV degree).
- At least five years of project management experience in the ITS Sector.
- The profound experience of at least five years in Agile and Waterfall software development environments with profound knowledge in project management processes, methodologies, and tools and techniques and ability to adapt them to the organization and projects.
- Profound experience with contemporary issue management and documentation tools such as JIRA, Trello, TFS, and Confluence.

- A University degree in technical studies will be considered as an advantage.
- Education and Certification in Scrum Mastering is an advantage - PSM or CSM, PMI ACP
- English language CEFR at least B2 level is desired.

Skills (optional)
- Ability to listen actively and to understand customer needs and key messages, to take a proactive approach and drive initiatives, ideas, and solutions to add value to the project.
- Ability to communicate clearly and transparently with respect and in the best interest.
- Ability to effectively share knowledge in order to inform, enable, support and/or educate other team members.
- Ability to work with others toward team goals, sharing responsibility, and contributing to the team's capability.
- Ability to give and receive feedback on a regular basis to better understand and act in different business situations.
- Ability to effectively handle disagreements and come up with winning solutions.

Kandidatom ponujamo

- Permanent contract and competitive salary
- Innovative and cutting-edge projects
- Flexible working hours
- Private healthcare service
- Flat hierarchies and short decision paths
- Team events and sport activities
- Fast personal development and a steep learning curve
- Rapidly growing, friendly and extremely pleasant working environment
- Full fridge of drinks and fresh fruits, and an office packed with positive energy

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

3000+ EUR / mesec
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Zahtevana znanja

univerzitetna diploma
napredno znanje
vodenje IT projektov
napredno znanje
poznavanje agilne in klasicne projektne metodologije
napredno znanje
poznavanje sodobnih issue mngt orodji JIRA, Trello, TFS in Confluence
napredno znanje
angleški jezik
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