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Senior Angular Developer @ Personas Recruiting

Opis delovnega mesta

On behalf of a client, we are looking for a Senior Angular Developer to work in the Fintech space. This role is within the software development arm of a long-established but highly innovative and reputable mid-sized financial services company which utilises the very latest technology stack to serve its customers all over the world.

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

The role requires in-depth knowledge and working experience with the latest Angular and associated technologies (RxJS, Ngrx, HttpClient) as well as javascript code and typescript code, and Angular CLI and webpack. The role also requires strong API wiring as well as API debugging experience.

Kandidatom ponujamo

Our client is offering an attractive remuneration package that includes Health Insurance and performance bonuses.


Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

3500 EUR / mesec
Delovni čas:
redna zaposlitev


Zahtevana znanja

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Angular CLI
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RxJS, Ngrx, HttpClient
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O podjetju

Finding the right resource is one of the most pressing challenges companies face, and the ability to find this resource efficiently is becoming a strategic competitive advantage.

At Personas Recruiting we understand this and provide a number of recruitment agency services aimed at candidates and companies. We assist candidates in finding the job that matches their skills within a company they can flourish in. For companies, we offer services which help them secure the right resources when they need them.

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