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Frontend Developer -- brisan oglas

Opis delovnega mesta

Our office in Ljubljana is looking for frontend developers to expand our Gaming unit. You will join passionate and talented people who enjoy sharing knowledge and grow together. We set high standards for ourselves and help each other reach them.

We are currently working on a sports betting interface, the backoffice for the system, and have plenty of interesting projects in the pipeline to support the operations of our unit. You will be part of all this, with a full-time contract and many other perks.

The challenge
-Build frontend components that are predictable and understandable in behaviour, logic, and looks.
-Write tests to ensure that that predictability doesn't degrade over time.
-Take responsibility for your tasks, having a critical eye on the requirements to add real value each step of the process.
-Collaborate and communicate effectively with an international team distributed throughout Europe.
-Help define task scope and estimates.
-Ultimately, provide a reliable and pleasant user experience to millions of users worldwide.

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

-You are proficient in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
-You have experience with modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, etc.
-You understand the importance of a centralised state management and one-way data flows.
-You can write meaningful tests for your code.
-You are able to follow git workflows and handle merge conflicts.
-You can read other people's code and tech documentation.
-Refactoring doesn't scare you. You approach it thoughtfully and surgically.
-You are confident during code reviews and provide useful insights that help the team grow.
-Done is better than perfect, but not done is better than messy, unreliable, unpredictable. Also, not tested = not done.
-You write and speak fluent English.
-You don't blindly follow instructions. You can provide valuable feedback so that management is able to take the appropriate decisions.
-You take pride in your craft and hone it constantly. You share your skills with the team.
-You are self-driven and proactive.
-You can delegate. You trust people and they trust you.

Kandidatom ponujamo

-Chance to work in exciting multicultural working environment
-Opportunity to collaborate with experts in all parts of our business supported by cutting edge technology and systems
-Competitive salary and a long list of benefits and perks
-Investment in your continued development.

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

1200-1500 EUR / mesec
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