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E-mail spam

E-mail spam

ABX ::



I am Mr., M GROTE an Executive Accountant with
the Department of finance of mineral resources and energy South Africa.
First and foremost, I apologized using this medium to
reach you for a transaction/business of this
magnitude, but this is due to confidentiality and prompt access reposed
on this medium.
I have decided to seek a confidential
co-operation with you in the execution of the deal
described Hereunder for the benefit of all parties
and hope you will keep it as a top secret because of the
nature of this transaction.
Within the Department of finance where I work as an Executive
Accountant and with the cooperation of four other top officials, we have in
our possession as overdue payment bills totaling
Twenty - One Million, Five Hundred Thousand U. S.
Dollars ($21,500,000.) which we want to transfer
abroad with the assistance and cooperation of a
foreign company/individual to receive the said fund
on our behalf or a reliable foreign non-company account
to receive such funds. More so, we are handicapped in
the circumstances, as the South Africa Civil Service
Code of Conduct does not allow us to operate offshore
account hence your importance in the whole
This amount $21.5m represents the balance of the
total revenue collections from income tax, mining lease and export
duties in respect of diamond mines, expressed as a percentage of total tax
revenues (net collections, National Revenue Account.
From these projects we have been able to secure this reasonable
ammount. $21.5m as commission resulting from over invoice, hence all the
necessary approvals has been completed.
This amount $21.5m represents the balance of the Estimated revenue
total value executed on behalf of my Department by foreign contracting
firm, which we the officials
over-invoiced deliberately. Though the actual
Estimated revenue cost have been paid to the original contractor,
leaving the balance in the Tune of the said amount
which we have in principles gotten approval to remit
by Key tested Telegraphic Transfer (K.T.T) to any
foreign bank account you will provide by filing in an
application through the Justice Ministry here in
South Africa for the transfer of rights and privileges of
the former contractor to you. I have the authority of my partners
involved to
propose that should you be willing to assist us in
the transaction, your share of the sum will be 25% of the
$21.5 million, 70% for us and 5% for taxation and
miscellaneous expenses. The business itself is 100%
safe, on your part provided you treat it with utmost
secrecy and confidentiality.
Also your area of specialization is not a hindrance to the successful
execution of this transaction. I have reposed my
confidence in you and hope that you will not
disappoint me.
Endeavor to contact me immediately on my
e-mail address or phone number whether or not you are
interested in this deal. If you are not, it will enable me scout
for another foreign partner to carry out this deal I want
to assure you that my partners and myself are in a
position to make the payment of this claim possible
provided you can give us a very strong Assurance and
guarantee that our share will be secured and please
remember to treat this matter as very confidential
matter, because we will not comprehend with any form
of exposure as we are still in active Government
Service and remember once again that time is of the
essence in this business.
I wait in anticipation of your fullest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,
Please reply only to this email account below


Še kod ali sem edini?
Vaša inštalacija je uspešno spodletela!

Ziga Dolhar ::


Gandalfar ::

jzt sem odgovoru pa nisem dobu nobenga odgovora od njih :(

sketch ::

Eh, nigerijska mafija... zaradi sodelvanja z njimi so šla tudi slovenska podjetja v bankrot ;)

Adapt and overcome.

flajer ::

hehe.. a mas mail na yahoo-ju? jst sm tam dobu skor vsak dan en tak mail!

darh ::

komu se da tole pisat mi pa ni jasno...


This Really Works!

Give Your Future Five Minutes And Read This Email

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A One Time Investment Of $25 Plus This Simple Technology
Could Make You Financially Secure For Life!

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Does this headline look familiar? Of course it does. You most likely have just seen this story recently featured on a major nightly news program (USA). And reported elsewhere in the world. His mother was cleaning and putting laundry away when she came across a large brown paper bag that was suspiciously buried beneath some clothes and a skateboard in the back of her 15-year-old sons closet. Nothing could have prepared her for the shock she got when she opened the bag and found it was full of cash. Five-Dollar Bills, Twenties, Fifties and Hundreds - all neatly rubber-banded in labelled piles.

"My first thought was that he had robbed a bank", says the 41-year-old woman, "There was over $71,000 Dollars in that bag -- that's more than my husband earns in a year".

The woman immediately called her husband at the car-dealership where he worked to tell him what she had discovered. He came home right away, and they drove together to the boys school, and picked him up. Little did they suspect that where the money came from, was more shocking than actually finding it in the closet.

As it turns out, the boy had been sending out, via E-mail, a type of "Report" to E-mail addresses that he obtained off the Internet. Everyday after school for the past 2 months, he had been doing this right on his computer in his bedroom.

"I just got the E-mail one day and I figured what the heck, I put my name on it like the instructions said and I started sending it out", says the clever 15-year-old.

The E-mail letter listed 5 addresses and contained instructions to send one $5 dollar bill to each person on the list, then delete the address at the bottom and move the others addresses Down , and finally to add your name to the top of the list.

The letter goes on to state that you would receive Several Thousand Dollars in Five-Dollar Bills within 2 weeks if you sent out the letter with your name at the top of the 5-address list. "I get junk E-mail all the time, and really did not think it was going to work", the boy continues.

Within the first few days of sending out the E-mail, the Post Office Box that his parents had gotten him for his video-game magazine subscriptions began to fill up with not magazines, but envelopes containing $5 Bills.

"About a week later I rode [my bike] down to the post office and my box had 1 magazine and about 300 envelops stuffed in it. There was also a yellow slip that said I had to go up to the [post office] counter. I thought I was in trouble or something (laughs)". He goes on, "I went up to the counter and they had a whole box of more mail for me. I had to ride back home and empty out my backpack because I could not carry it all". Over the next few weeks, the boy continued sending out the E-mail."The money just kept coming in and I just kept sorting it and stashing it in the closet, barely had time for my homework".He had also been riding his bike to several of the banks in his area and exchanging the $5 bills for twenties, fifties and hundreds.

"I didn't want the banks to get suspicious so I kept riding to different banks with like five thousand at a time in my backpack. I would usually tell the lady at the bank counter that my dad had sent me in to exchange the money and he was outside waiting for me.One time the lady gave me a really strange look and told me that she would not be able to do it for me and my dad would have to come in and do it, but I just rode to the next bank down the street (laughs)." Surprisingly, the boy did not have any reason to be afraid.The reporting news team examined and investigated the so-called "chain-letter" the boy was sending out and found that it was not a chain-letter at all.In fact, it was completely legal according to US Postal and Lottery Laws, Title 18, Section 1302 and 1341, or Title 18, Section 3005 in the US code, also in the code of federal regulations, Volume 16, Sections 255 and 436, which state a product or service must be exchanged for money received.

Every five-dollar bill that he received contained a little note that read, "Please send me report number XYX".This simple note made the letter legal because he was exchanging a service (A Report on how-to) for a five-dollar fee.

[This is the end of the media release. If you would like to understand how the system works and get your $71,000 plus - please continue reading. What appears below is what the 15 year old was sending out on the net - YOU CAN USE IT TOO - just follow the simple instructions].


Before you say ''Bull'', please read the following. This is the letter you have been hearing about on the news lately. Due to the popularity of this letter on the Internet, a national weekly news program recently devoted an entire show to the investigation of this program described below, to see if it really can make people money. The show also investigated whether or not the program was legal.

Their findings proved once and for all that there are ''absolutely NO Laws prohibiting the participation in the program and if people can "follow the simple instruction" they are bound to make some mega bucks with only $25 out of pocket cost''.


This is what one had to say:

''Thanks to this profitable opportunity". I was approached many times before but each time I passed on it. I am so glad I finally joined just to see what one could expect in return for the minimal effort and money required. To my astonishment, I received a total $ 610,470.00 in 21 weeks, with money still coming in''.

Pam Hedland
Fort Lee, New Jersey.


Another said:

"This program has been around for a long time but I never believed in it. But one day when I received this again in the mail I decided to gamble my $25 on it. I followed the simple instructions and Wa-laa ..... 3 weeks later the money started to come in. First month I only made $240.00 but the next 2 months after that I made a total of $290,000.00. So far, in the past 8 months by re-entering the program, I have made over $710,000.00 and I am playing it again. The key to success in this program is to follow the simple steps and NOT change anything."

More testimonials later but first...



If you would like to make at least $500,000 every 4 to 5 months easily and
comfortably, please read the following...THEN READ IT AGAIN and AGAIN !!!




For each report, send $5 CASH, THE NAME & NUMBER OF THE REPORT YOU ARE ORDERING and YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS to the person whose name appears ON THAT LIST next to the report. MAKE SURE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS IS ON YOUR ENVELOPE TOP LEFT CORNER in case of any mail problems.


You will need all 5 reports so that you can save them on your computer and resell them.

YOUR TOTAL COST $5 X 5 = $25.00
(That's what I spend every time I take my girlfriend to the movies)

Within a few days you will receive, via e-mail, each of the 5 reports from these 5 different individuals. Save them on your computer so they will be accessible for you to send to the 1,000's of people who will order them from you. Also make a floppy of these reports and keep it in your desk in case something happens to your computer.


DO NOT alter the names of the people who are listed next to each report, or their sequence on the list, in any way other than what is instructed below in step '' 1 through 6 '' or you will loose out on the majority of your profits. Once you understand the way this works, you will also see how it does not work if you change it. Remember, this method has been tested, and if you alter it, it will NOT work !!! People have tried to put their friends/relatives names on all five thinking they could get all the money. But it does not work this way. Believe us, some have tried to be greedy and then nothing happened. So Do Not try to change anything other than what is instructed. Because if you do, it will not work for you. Remember, Honesty Reaps The Reward!!!

This IS a legitimate BUSINESS. You are offering
a product for sale and getting paid for it.

Treat it as such and you will be VERY profitable in a short period of time

ˇ After you have ordered all 5 reports, take this advertisement and REMOVE the name & address of the person in REPORT # 5. This person has made it through the cycle and is no doubt counting their fortune. Email them and ask that's what I always did.

ˇ Move the name & address in REPORT # 4 down TO REPORT # 5.

ˇ Move the name & address in REPORT # 3 down TO REPORT # 4.

ˇ Move the name & address in REPORT # 2 down TO REPORT # 3.

ˇ Move the name & address in REPORT # 1 down TO REPORT # 2

ˇ Insert YOUR name & address in the REPORT # 1 Position.

PLEASE MAKE SURE you copy every name & address ACCURATELY
(Just cut and paste! This is critical to YOUR success.

Take this entire letter, with the modified list of names, and save it on your computer.


Save this on a disk as well just in case if you loose any data. To assist you with marketing your business on the internet, the 5 reports you purchase will provide you with invaluable marketing information which includes how to send bulk e-mails legally, where to find thousands of free classified ads and much more. There are 2 Primary methods to get this venture going:


Let's say that you decide to start small, just to see how it goes, and we will assume You and those involved send out only 5,000 e-mails each. Let's also assume

that the mailing receives only a 0.2% (2/10 of 1%) response (the response could be much better but lets just say it is only 0.2%). Also many people will send out hundreds of thousands e-mails instead of only 5,000 each). Continuing with this example, you send out only 5,000 e-mails.

With a 0.2% response, that is only 10 orders for report # 1. Those 10 people responded by sending out 5,000 e-mail each for a total of 50,000. Out of those 50,000 e-mails only 0.2% responded with orders. That's=100 people responded and ordered Report # 2.

Those 100 people mail out 5,000 e-mails each for a total of 500,000 e-mails. The 0.2% response to that is 1000 orders for Report # 3.

Those 1000 people send 5,000 e-mail each for a total of 5 million e-mail sent out. The 0.2% response is 10,000 orders for Report # 4.

Those 10,000 people send out 5,000 e-mails each for a total of 50,000,000 (50 million) e-mails. The 0.2% response to that is 100,000 orders for Report # 5.

THAT'S 100,000 ORDERS TIMES $5 EACH = $500,000.00 (half a million dollars).

Your total income in this example is: 1... $50 + 2..... $500 + 3..... $5,000 + 4..... $50,000 + 5....$500,000 ... Grand Total=$555,550.00



REMEMBER, THIS IS ASSUMING ONLY 10 PEOPLE ORDERING OUT OF 5,000 YOU MAILED TO. Dare to think for a moment what would happen if everyone or half or even one 4th of those people mailed 100,000 e-mails each or more? There are 580.78 million people on the Internet worldwide and counting, with thousands of more coming on line every day.

Believe me, there isn't any better way to make money!


Advertising on the net is very, very inexpensive and there are hundreds of FREE places to advertise. Placing a lot of free ads on the Internet will easily get a larger response. We strongly suggest you start with Method # 1 and add METHOD #2 as you go along. For every $5 you receive, all you must do is e-mail them the Report they ordered. That's it. Always provide same day service on all orders.

This will guarantee that the e-mail they send out, with your name and address on it, will be prompt because they can not advertise until they receive the report.

The reason for the "cash" is not because this is illegal or somehow "wrong". It is simply about time. Time for checks or credit cards to be cleared or approved, etc. Concealing it is simply so no one can SEE there is money in the envelope and steal it before it gets to you.



Always send $5 cash (U.S. CURRENCY) for each Report. Checks NOT accepted. Make sure the cash is concealed by wrapping it in at least 2 sheets of paper or foil will also work. On one of those sheets of paper, write the NUMBER & the NAME of the Report you are ordering, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS and your name and postal address.


"The Insider's Guide To Advertising For Free On The Net"
Order Report #1 From:

Automarine Corp.
P.O. Box 1470
Wilmington, DE 19899


"The Insider's Guide To Sending Bulk E-mail On The Net"
Order Report #2 From:

M. Smith
P.O. Box 120144
Grand Rapids, MI 49512


"Secret To Multilevel Marketing On The Net"
Order Report #3 From:

C. Bernerd
P.O. Box 242
New Freedom, PA 17349


"How To Become A Millionaire Utilizing MLM & The Net"
Order Report #4 From:

Mike W.
P.O. Box 161
Freeland, MD 21053


"How To Safely Send 2 Million Emails For Virtually No Money"
Order Report #5 From:

M. Eiseman
P.O. Box 451971
Sunrise, FL 33345-1971

There are currently more than 570,000,000 people online worldwide!


Follow these guidelines to guarantee your success:

If you do not receive at least 10 orders for Report #1 within 2 weeks, continue sending e-mails until you do.

After you have received 10 orders, 2 to 3 weeks after that you should receive 100 orders or more for REPORT # 2. If you did not, continue advertising or sending e-mails until you do.

**Once you have received 100 or more orders for Report# 2, YOU CAN RELAX, because the system is already working for you, and the cash will continue to roll in! THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Every time your name is moved down on the list, you are placed in front of a Different report.

You can KEEP TRACK of your PROGRESS by watching which report people are ordering from you. IF YOU WANT TO GENERATE MORE INCOME SEND ANOTHER BATCH OF E-MAILS AND START THE WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN. There is NO LIMIT to the income you can generate from this business!!!


You have just received information that can give you financial freedom for the rest of your life, with NO RISK and JUST A LITTLE BIT OF EFFORT. You can make more money in the next few weeks and months than you have ever imagined. Follow the program EXACTLY AS INSTRUCTED. Do not change it in any way. It works exceedingly well as it is now. Remember to e-mail a copy of this exciting report after you have put your name and address in Report #1 and moved others to #2...# 5 as instructed above. One of the people you send this to may send out 100,000 or more e-mails and your name will be on every one of them. (Just to let you know anyone who sends money to Cole Schulte (me) I send out least 5 million a month, there are bulk emails companies you can hire and they do all the work for you...) Remember though, the more you send out the more potential customers you will reach. So my friend, I have given you the ideas, information, materials and opportunity to become financially independent. IT IS UP TO YOU NOW!


"My name is Mitchell. My wife, Jody and I live in Chicago. I am an accountant with a major U.S.Corporation and I make pretty good money. When I received this program I grumbled to Jody about receiving 'junk mail'. I made fun of the whole thing, spouting my knowledge of the population and percentages involved. I 'knew' it wouldn't work. Jody totally ignored my supposed intelligence and few days later she jumped in with both feet. I made merciless fun of her, and was ready to lay the old 'I told you so' on her when the thing didn't work. Well, the laugh was on me! Within 3 weeks she had received 50 responses. Within the next 45 days she had received total $ 147,200.00 ........ all cash! I was shocked. I have joined Jody in her 'hobby'."

Mitchell Wolf M.D.,
Chicago, Illinois


"Not being the gambling type, it took me several weeks to make up my mind to participate in this plan. But conservative as I am, I decided that the initial investment was so little that there was just no way that I wouldn't get enough orders to at least get my money back. I was surprised when I found my medium size post office box crammed with orders. I made $319,210.00 in the first 12 weeks. The nice thing about this deal is that it does not matter where people live. There simply isn't a better investment with a faster return and so big".

Dan Sondstrom,
Alberta, Canada


"I had received this program before. I deleted it, but later I wondered if I should have given it a try. Of course, I had no idea who to contact to get another copy, so I had to wait until I was e-mailed again by someone else........11 months passed then it luckily came again...... I did not delete this one! I made more than $490,000 on my first try and all the money came within 22 weeks".

Susan De Suza,
New York, N.Y.


"It really is a great opportunity to make relatively easy money with little cost to you. I followed the simple instructions carefully and within 10 days the money started to come in. My first month I made $ 20,560.00 and by the end of third month my total cash count was $ 362,840.00. Life is beautiful, Thanx to the internet".

Fred Dellaca,
Westport, New Zealand




If you have any questions as to the legality of this program, contact the Office of
Associate Director for Marketing Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Washington, D.C.
Excuses are useless! Results are priceless!

sketch ::

Hehehe... Meni je Najbolj Smešna tale Specialna Uporaba Velikih Začetnic v vseh teh Sporočilih (Jaz sem Zelo Pomemben press).

Adapt and overcome.

Gandalfar ::

ah 5 teh majlov sem dobu v zadnjih parih dneh .. owca mail rula :] vsi so *SPAM* :]

SpamAssassin ma full dobr/smesn report :)

SPAM: -------------------- Start SpamAssassin results ----------------------
SPAM: This mail is probably spam. The original message has been altered
SPAM: so you can recognise or block similar unwanted mail in future.
SPAM: See http://spamassassin.org/tag/ for more details.
SPAM: Content analysis details: (26.7 hits, 5 required)
SPAM: Hit! (2.2 points) BODY: As seen on national TV!
SPAM: Hit! (0.9 points) BODY: Don't delete me! Nooooo!!!!
SPAM: Hit! (3.0 points) BODY: Contains "My wife, Jody" testimonial
SPAM: Hit! (1.1 points) BODY: Talks about bulk email
SPAM: Hit! (1.0 point) BODY: Free money!
SPAM: Hit! (0.9 points) BODY: Common pyramid scheme phrase (1)
SPAM: Hit! (0.2 points) BODY: No such thing as a free lunch (1)
SPAM: Hit! (0.2 points) BODY: Contains at least 3 dollar signs in a row
SPAM: Hit! (2.7 points) BODY: Claims you can be removed from the list
SPAM: Hit! (2.1 points) BODY: Claims compliance with senate bill 1618
SPAM: Hit! (1.7 points) BODY: Claims compliance with SPAM regulations
SPAM: Hit! (0.1 points) BODY: Claims compliance with SPAM regulations
SPAM: Hit! (3.5 points) URI: URL of page called "remove"
SPAM: Hit! (3.2 points) HTML-only mail, with no text version
SPAM: Hit! (2.0 points) Forged yahoo.com 'Received:' header found
SPAM: Hit! (1.9 points) Subject is all capitals
SPAM: -------------------- End of SpamAssassin results ---------------------

blblb ::

Give Your Future Five Minutes And Read This Email
heh ce komu rata prebrat ta mail v 5min mu castim pir.:D

jest sem pa prou zarad spama ukinu email na hotmailu(dnevno sem dobivu po 100mejlov:D )

flajer ::

huh! pa sm jst mislu, da jih dobim velik, k jih dobim ene 20-30/dan!! 8-O

Loki ::

kake druge anti-spam resitve (ucinkovite in poceni) razen tega, da si spremenis e-mail verjetno ni, kajne?

jest dobivam nekje 50 mailov na dan spama, vcasih se vec.
damn that siol people who don't want to install some kind of e-mail filters.

Gandalfar ::

Loki: kter client - poglej si mal Cloudnet

Highlag ::

Imam E-amil naslov na Yahoo-ju. Izključno zaradi spam-a :D

Yahoo ima en filter, s katerim lahko uspešno odstraniš spamerje, ki imajo permanentne naslove.

A zadnjič sem dobil enega, ki je imel naslov očitno zgeneriran, saj je bil nekaj takšnega : ded32rewf43r54fg@dwwe3r4.com

Kako zaboga lahko ustaviš naključno zgenerirane email naslove ? Ali so sploh dovoljeni? Človek bi mislil, da moraš domene kje prijaviti? ;(

Vredno ogleda ...

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