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AMD Vega 10 / Greenland Flagship HBM2 GPU Launching In 2017

AMD Vega 10 GPU Features HBM2 – High-Performance Graphics Cards To Replace Fury Series Next Year
AMD’s goal with Vega 10 would be to replace their Fiji based Fury series with high-performance offerings that feature the second generation High-Bandwidth memory solution. The Vega series of GPUs are based on brand new technology and architecture designs. You may call it a step better than Polaris which itself is a 2.8x leap on AMD’s older 28nm products. Vega is going to deliver better performance per watt than Polaris due to a efficient memory architecture and a fine tuned 14nm FinFET process.

We have little details regarding Vega 10 at the moment but previous leaks suggest that the will feature 4096 stream processors. These are not the current generation stream processors but utilize the advancements made in the IP v9.0 generation of graphics SOCs under development by AMD. It is also noted that this chip is the “Leading Chip” of the first graphic IP v9.0 chip generation. We can expect to see a liquid cooled design and a new dual GPU offering under the Vega family when it launches in 2017. ]]>
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