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Nvidia’s next-generation graphics processors are code-named “Pascal”. Based on the company’s roadmap that it demonstrated back in March, Pascal GPUs are due sometime in 2016. Next-generation graphics chips from Nvidia will support stacked high-bandwidth dynamic random access memory (DRAM) (SK Hynix’s high-bandwidth memory (HBM) or Micron’s hybrid memory cube (HMC)), unified memory addressing for CPU and GPU, NVLink interconnection for high-performance computing platforms as well as new graphics, compute and multimedia features that will be a part of DirectX 12, OpenGL 5.0 and other forthcoming application programming interfaces.

In 2016 displays with ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolutions like 4K (3840*2160, 4096*2160) or 5K (5120*2160) will get much more popular than they are today. Therefore, dramatically improved graphics processing horsepower of Pascal GPUs as well as extreme bandwidth provided by stacked HMC or HBM DRAM devices (we are talking about 1TB/s – 2TB/s bandwidth here) will be appreciated by the market.

What is Pascal?
Just as the Volta GPU was expected to, Pascal will have “3D stacked memory”—memory chips stacked one on top of the other and joined by circuitry, resulting in graphics cards that can access up to 1 terabyte per second (TBs) of bandwidth. The 1TB/s threshold will be achieved by stacking memory on top of the GPU itself, with a silica substrate between them, and then cutting a hole through the silicon to connect each layer. Nvidia’s current GPUs can access only 288GB/s; upcoming Pascal graphics cards, then, will be about 3.5 times faster.
According to Nvidia’s CEO, Jen Hsun-Huang, 1TB/s is fast enough to move “all of the data from a full Blu-Ray disc through the chip in 1/50th of a second.” It should be noted, though, that manufacturing GPUs with a terabyte of DRAM on them would make for some rather expensive graphics cards. Nvidia says that how much memory the Pascal cards will actually contain will come down to cost. Also, one must consider how much bandwidth are graphics card buyers willing to shell out for?

Leta 2016 pride Pascal in leta 2017 Volta. Če prav razumem bo Pascal za splošno rabo se pravi za nas Volta pa bolj za super računalnike?:| ]]>
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An update from has revealed the code name of the next-next-gen AMD Radeon R9 400 Series GPUs. It goes without saying that the naming is pretty much irrelevant at such an early stage. The revealed codename for the series is Arctic Islands and the actual GPU name could be of any island present there. There is currently zero information regarding the Radeon R9 400 Series apart from the fact it will be based on a 20nm or lower node (most probably 16/14nm FinFET). ]]>
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na prenosnem računalniku Toshiba Satellite L550 mi ne deluje več grafični čip. Na spletu sem prebrskal da se da zadevo rešiti tako da bi segrel grafični čip. Zanima me če ima kdo izkušnje s tem, ter na koliko stopinjah treba segrevat grafični čip, ter kako dolgo? Prosim za nasvete ...

LP ]]>