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1. What is our team responsible for?
The distribution team owns scaling the creative production and distribution of ready creatives to 3rd party platforms. Our work begins once creative templates and content in the form of data feeds are ready. We take care of automagically creating thousands of creatives from a bunch of templates. Once all those creatives are generated and approved, our pipeline composes images and videos at scale as well as perfect HTML that works everywhere. The last step is ensuring seamless distribution of assets through the integrations with the biggest players in the ecosystem (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, ...) and our very own publicly available async Creative Export API.

2. Who are we searching for?
We are looking for Full Stack engineers to join us on the journey of building a scalable and intuitive Creative Automation product. We appreciate Full Stack engineers from both ends of the spectrum - more backend or frontend oriented ones. There’s a lot of interesting challenges to tackle on both ends! There’s also a lot of opportunities to get your hands dirty with more product-related work if that is what inspires you.

3. In the past we built
- An async processing pipeline capable of generating thousands of creatives from scalable templates.
- Homegrown solutions for a highly concurrent async processing pipeline with a built-in prioritization and caching system,
smart conversion of HTML text elements into images for reducing ad size, conversion of animated HTML into MP4 files using puppeteer and FFmpeg.
- Scalable & publically available Export API capable of delivering thousands of finalized creative assets.

4. What are the challenges ahead?
- Reimagine the creative data model to increase creative generation speed by 100x,
- next-generation of our headless Chromium-based rendering pipeline,
- evolution and further adoption of our homegrown async processing pipeline solution,
- staying on top of the evolving landscape by adding direct integrations with the newest players like TikTok.

5. What kind of tech stack do we use?
Our CA product is using NodeJs, PHP, MySQL, Redis, and Python. We use Vue.js, Vue.js router & Vuex with npm, and Webpack on the frontend for both products. When needed (usually for performance reasons) we also resort to vanilla JavaScrip

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

1. Expectations
- You care about clean code. You write high-quality, maintainable code and are aware of industry best practices and trends. You proactively identify possible technical issues before they turn into long-term problems, and you encourage others to do the same. We always do code reviews to provide feedback and ensure code quality.
- You have a product mindset. We are not a feature factory. We have cross-functional teams with engineers, product managers, and product designers who are crafting a solution for a problem since day one. There is a lot of fun in this phase, requiring a lot of ingenuity, hacking, and validating.
- You have strong troubleshooting skills. You are not afraid to parse logs, look at machine metrics or go deep into the code to understand what went wrong. You do not jump to conclusions, but act based on facts and evidence.
- You are a team player. You work well in the team, are willing to share the knowledge, and want to help others as you know only a strong team can succeed.

2. Qualifications
- At least 2 years of experience in programming and following modern software development processes.
- Experience with building single-page applications using modern web technologies (Javascript / TypeScript / CSS / HTML) and frameworks (Vue.js / React / Angular / Ember.js).
- Experience with server-side principles (scaling, concurrency, etc. and back-end technologies (PHP, Python, Golang, Ruby, etc.).
- Understanding and experience with relational databases (e.g. MySQL) or document databases (e.g. Mongo).
- Experience with writing unit, integration, and end-to-end tests.
- Willingness to learn, sharing our passion for constant improvement.
- Fluent in written and spoken English.

3. Bonus points
- Experience with TDD & CI.
- Interest in or experience with UX/UI.
- Understanding of various software paradigms and architecture styles (REST, OOP, functional programming, state management, etc.).
- B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science or a related field.
- Being open to collaborating in the tech community.

Kandidatom ponujamo

- Competitive salary.
- Unlimited remote working. You can choose to work from home indefinitely or join us in our Ljubljana office whenever you feel like it.
- Flexible hours and work-life balance. We focus on results rather than schedules.
- Professional growth. Up to €5.000 per year for conferences, books and trainings of your choice.
- Top-notch working equipment.
- Additional budget of 500 EUR for your home office equipment.
- Health and pension coverage. We offer comprehensive health coverage and additional pension insurance up to 5,8% of your annual salary.
- We have fun. We organise regular team & company events.
- Employee well-being. Dedicated budget for any kind of sport activities such as fitness, yoga lessons, etc.
- Free breakfasts & beverages available in the office.

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

Ljubljana / Remote
3000 - 4000 EUR gross per month + 13% -15% bonus (fixed) for mid-level and 4000 - 5000 EUR gross per month for senior engineers + bonus 15%-17% EUR / mesec
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Modern web technologies (Javascript / TypeScript / CSS / HTML) and frameworks (VueJS / React / Angular
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