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What kind of team members are we looking for?
Consistent and accurate QA Engineer, whose technical skills translate into well written and understood test cases and test plans that are aligned with the overall service architecture.
A team member who is able to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and quickly switch between tasks. It is also desired that a team member has experience with different testing types.
An employee who sees and understands the bigger picture and what the real business value of the feature they test is.
A teammate who can deliver praise and constructive feedback to the team and other team members. A person who can communicate effectively and clearly in written and verbal form of communication, regarding technical and non-technical subjects.
A colleague who is goal and team oriented and is willing to mentor the team members in an open, respectful, flexible and empathic manner.

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

Required advanced knowledge of:
Experience (2+ years) with testing Web and Mobile applications
Knowledge of Confluence and Jira
Knowledge of different Environments and Browsers; execution of test scenarios on several environments (Windows, Mac, tablet, mobile) in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
Experience in planning and optimizing cross browser and cross device testing
Experience with using Chrome Dev-Tools
Fluent in spoken and written communication in English language

Desired additional skills:
Basic knowledge of security testing
Network traffic inspection using proxy (Charles, mitm proxy, wireshark)

Technologies and work methods that we use:
Agile work methods (Scrum)

Kandidatom ponujamo

What are we offering to our team members?
Relaxed and open work environment.
Weekly stack of snacks and beverages along with fresh fruit delivery to the office.
Flexible working hours and the option of working remotely.
Sponsored activities that have beneficial affect on personal well-being (sponsored sports activities and psychotherapist sessions).
Free parking.
And last but not least, an opportunity to be a part of something that really can make an impact and change the future.

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

od 3.000,00 EUR Bruto 1 EUR / mesec
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testing Web and Mobile applications
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different Environments and Browsers
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Chrome Dev-Tools
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mitm proxy
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