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We are looking for frontend developers with an interest in Earth Observation to develop applications on top of Sentinel Hub, like EO browser and Sentinel Playground and (cannot reveal it yet, come to see it first-hand). We use React for web applications built on top of various APIs and we need help expanding their features. We value your potential to learn new skills more than the skills you currently possess!

Your tasks:
- design, develop and test reusable UI components for Sentinel Hub use cases,
­- integrate RESTful APIs in the UI,
­- maintain and extend existing Sentinel Hub applications and create new ones,
­- work closely with our remote sensing experts for application development and use case examples,
­- integrate use case applications in Euro Data Cube tech stack,
­- create prototypes for internal, public and customer applications and further develop these.

Tech stack:
- React for view rendering,
­- Leaflet for interactive maps,
- Redux for state management,
- Sass / CSS modules for styling,
- Jest for unit tests,
- Python + Flask for occasional backend service,
- Docker for containerization,
- Git for version control,
- GitLab CI for one-click deployments.

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Key qualifications:
­- experience in vanilla JavaScript,
­- working knowledge of HTTP, REST, JSON, and modern HTML5/CSS3 web technologies,
­- practical experience with one or more JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, Angular,
- experience with scripting, shell environments, and version control systems,
­- ideal qualifications: ES6, React,
- passion for quality and an optimal user experience,
­- self-organised individuals that can work independently,
­­- willingness to learn about concepts of remote sensing and image analysis,
­­­- experience with any part of the tech stack is a plus, but not mandatory.

Kandidatom ponujamo

- autonomy: working in self-organizing teams allows people to shape their work in a way that enables them to perform to the best of their abilities
- continuous learning and development opportunities: our team consist of experts in geospatial back-end, cloud infrastructure, database administration and management as well as computer vision
- inclusive and homely environment: we value the well being of our people; we have beautifully designed offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for times when life will go back to normal (and we traditionally serve Nutella pancakes on Mondays)
- work-life balance: we value your motivation and well-being more than your presence in the office, therefore we are no strangers to occasional work-from-home; more so, in life of the current ongoing conditions, we have learned that we also work together remotely very well
- self-fulfilment: besides working on products used by millions of users, you also get the opportunity to do something good and amazing for society.

We believe we can only bring value to our clients, if we are committed to creating a world-class work environment for our employees, one that extends beyond competitive salaries, benefits and perks. You are welcome to read through our Operational Handbook to learn more about how we work and what it is like to a part of our team https://gitext.sinergise.com/operations/handbook


Send your CV to work@sinergise.com!

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

2040 - 6450 (find our salary policy and levels here: https://gitext.sinergise.com/operations/handbook/-/wikis/salary/Salary-Policy) EUR / mesec
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O podjetju

Sinergise is a Slovenian IT company with extensive expertise in developing advanced geospatial information systems based on cloud and web technology, focusing to fields where it is creating the highest impact:
- Earth Observation, making it easy for individuals, institutions and value-adders to get actionable insights in what is happening with our Planet;
- IT processes in Agriculture, ensuring more efficient use of the resources while ensuring sustainability of the ecosystem;
- Land Administration processes, which are essential for transparency of the government and economic growth.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have successfully completed several country-scale projects in Europe and Africa. Using these experiences, we developed and launched Sentinel Hub, an award-winning satellite imagery service, which powers Earth observation applications world-wide. We process hundreds of millions of requests every month, crunching close to 50 PB of data coming from Sentinel, Landsat, Planet, Pleiades, WorldView and other satellites. Our team consist of experts who are highly skilled in software development, geospatial informatics and machine learning. Our technology and expertise in the development of high-quality software applications enables us to create solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

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Our world is constantly changing and the effects of our fast paced life are ever more apparent. There is a large demand for the continuous monitoring of the ecosystem changes at a large scale. Our mission is to ensure the most effective use of geospatial data for the benefit of society. We can accomplish this by bringing together great individuals who believe in what they do.

We believe that great teams are built on common goals, vision and shared values, and we believe we can only bring value to our clients, if we are also committed to creating a world-class work environment for our employees, that extends beyond competitive salaries, benefits and perks.

We strive to be as transparent as possible, therefore we invite you to read our Operational Handbook and get an insight into how we operate and what it's like to be a part of our team: https://gitext.sinergise.com/operations/handbook
The Handbook is a living entity and a result of the effort to document some of our core processes. The purpose of the Handbook is not to cement these processes but rather to serve as a foundation for continuous improvement.

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