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Apply and join our Hardware and Firmware Team as a Senior Firmware Developer.

As a Senior Firmware Developer, your primary focus and task will be firmware design and development for the next generation of ultra-low power digital signage outdoor and indoor systems, maintenance of the existing products and supporting the remaining company teams.

We're fully aware that the first couple of months on your new job can be stressful and there is a lot of new information to process. But don't worry, there will always be a team to support you and answer your questions - not just during the onboarding process but always. We believe that providing feedback is crucial for growth and so we appreciate it to go both ways.

Daily work

You will be given tasks that will, in time, progress in complexity and therefore give you the opportunity to get to know your work, the team and its processes. Our expectations are that you will gradually become independent and be able to work without additional guidance.

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Your responsibilities will include:

- Development of firmware for embedded systems in C.
- Revival and development testing of new products
- Debugging firmware and guidance for support team
- Testing (manual testing and development of test cases for the automated testing system in Python).
- Writing documentation
- Cooperation with the hardware team during electronics design and production team during product release phase.

Skills, attributes, and experience required:

- Excellent knowledge of C programming language.
- Good knowledge of Python programming language.
- Strong experience with ARM Cortex M0/M3/M7 microcontrollers and peripherals from STMicroelectronics
- Experience with embedded system architecture design, driver development, bootloaders, communication interfaces, etc.
- Experience with embedded system testing, debugging and optimization.
- Experience with real-time schedulers (FreeRTOS, RTX) and superloop systems.
- Revision control system knowledge (SVN, CVS, GIT).
- At least 6 years of working experience in firmware development.
- Detail-oriented with good communication skills.
- Ability to achieve goals in agreed deadlines.
- Proficient English skills.
- Proactivity, responsibility, being a team player.


- Experience with open source development tools (GNU toolchain, OpenOCD, Makefile).
- TCP/IP protocol knowledge (IPv4, DHCP, DNS) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard.
- Experience with firmware development on NRF52 BLE modules.
- Experience with ultra-low power device development.
- Experience with any build system (Jenkins).
- Experience with duktape JS framework
- Knowledge of Javascript language

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What Is It Like To Work For Visionect

- You'll work in a great team. We tend to hire good team players that go out of their way to help others on the team, be it for a one-off problem that you need help with or as part of a full-on mentorship program that will help you develop your skills.
- You're empowered. We're a small team, building a fully vertically integrated solution on the scale of Apple (from hardware circuits to server admin web-apps). We would not get so far if we didn't empower our team to act and take ownership of projects and products.
- Your work will matter. We deploy large numbers of devices yearly across the world (primarily to the US and EU). No matter the job title, your work will impact thousands of customers every day. Simple optimization can improve customer satisfaction in the most tangible way: we regularly get customer emails congratulating us on the improvements deployed.
- You'll grow. We make sure you're on track to grow every year with regular 1:1 reviews. You'll set your goals and we'll help you achieve them through internal coachings, mentorships, tech talks. And it's not just tech - we have a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts that work together to achieve their personal goals.

What We're Offering

- Employment in our Ljubljana HQ (Vič).
- A bright, modern and exciting place to work (large parking lot available on-site, accessible by LPP, bicycle or electric scooter; we even have a shower available).
- A creative environment, freedom to think and explore, and to advance new ideas and thoughts.
- Top talent, world-class clients (Ikea, Virgin, Siemens, ...) and probably the strongest coffee anywhere.
- A friendly team who help each other and run various activities (at the summer BBQs, pizza days, table football and table tennis tournaments, team buildings and more).
- Self-service coffee and tea bar, fresh fruit.
- The possibility for remote work (in the agreement with the team and according to the nature of work)
- Oh yeah! You can also bring your dog to work.

Due to the complexity of our solutions and the need for long-term stability we're looking for candidates that are interested in long-term cooperation.


Apply for the position at https://apply.workable.com/visionect/j/592A53B128/ or email us at jobs@visionect.com

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3000 - 4000 bruto EUR / mesec
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C programming language
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embedded programming
napredno znanje
git knowledge
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Experience with ARM Cortex M0/M3/M7 microcontrollers
napredno znanje
embedded system architecture design
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real-time schedulers (FreeRTOS, RTX) and superloop systems
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O podjetju

Visionect is known for its JOAN meeting room booking system, used by more than 3000 companies across the world, while partnerships with leading industry players have resulted in cutting-edge e-paper signage technology for traffic and public transportation, retail, hospitality healthcare, education, finance and more.

Visionect products and solutions are used by some of the most influential organizations in the world, among them Microsoft, Hyundai, Dreamworks, Disney, Lego, NASA, BMW and others. For more information, you can visit our corporate web page and check out our success stories.

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