Senior IT Engineer @ Bitstamp d.o.o.

Opis delovnega mesta

- Maintenance, optimization and upgrades on current infrastructure.
- Monitoring and managing of alerts/notifications.
- Following best industry practices and trends.
- Identifying and resolving technical issues as they arise.
- Cyber security.
- Other tasks at the request of superiors.
- Attending various IT conferences.
- Getting IT certification from different vendors.
- Location: Ljubljana

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

- Good knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 / Azure cloud services.
- Good knowledge of VMware virtualization tools.
- Good knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem (Services, Workstations).
- Good knowledge of the Apple ecosystem.
- Knowledge of computer hardware (Servers, Storages, Network appliances).
- Knowledge of cyber security.
- Knowledge of Cisco network infrastructure.
- Knowledge of solutions for data storage and backup (Veeam).
- Education in the field of computer science, informatics, electrical engineering or other relevant technical fields.
- At least 3 years of experience in the same or similar jobs.
- Fluency in English.
- Flexibility, communication skills, independence at work, self-initiative, reliability, responsibility, accuracy and perseverance.


SUBMIT your CV at https://bitstamp.talentlyft.com/

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

depends on skills (1.5-3k) EUR / mesec
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redna zaposlitev


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O podjetju

Bitstamp started in a garage with two laptops, a server and an unwavering belief that cryptocurrency was going to revolutionize finance. That was in 2011, just two years after the launch of Bitcoin.

Today, Bitstamp is Europe's largest cryptocurrency exchange and a cornerstone of the global crypto market. Over four million individuals and financial institutions have placed their trust in us, because we've continuously proven to be stable, reliable and committed to long-term growth. We focus on quality and don't take shortcuts - in business or when it comes to our team.

We have become the world's longest-running cryptocurrency exchange by building a talented team of people who enjoy working together and are dedicated to supporting each other's growth. This is your invitation to join that team.