Full Stack Software Engineer (various levels) - Creative Enablement Team @ Celtra d.o.o.

Opis delovnega mesta

1. Who are we searching for?
We are looking for Fullstack Software Engineers to join the Creative enablement team (CE) that will help us build, maintain and improve different parts of the Celtra platform.

2. What are the challenges ahead?
We're facing challenges in addressing creative ad innovation, developing tools for efficient production, and simplifying distribution of ads to advertising platforms, so we're looking for creative minds with attention to detail to help us innovate and push our product further. More specific, are goals are the following:
- Create Ad experiences that go beyond regular banners and are better integrated into the page.
- State of the art WYSIWYG creative builder and automated production tools.
- Optimization of workflows with various API integrations.
- Optimization and improvement of our custom video processing pipeline.

3. What kind of tech stack do we use?
On the Creative Enablement product you will be able to learn Scala, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, Spark, Snowflake, and you will also find GoLang, MongoDb, Kinesis. Everything runs on the AWS cloud, and the Kubernetes cluster orchestrates it.

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

- You care about clean code. You write high-quality, maintainable code and are aware of industry best practices and trends. You proactively identify possible technical issues before it turns into long-term problems, and you encourage others to do the same. We always do code reviews to provide feedback and ensure code quality.
- You have a product mindset. We are not a feature factory. We have cross-functional teams with engineers, product managers, and product designers who are crafting a solution for a problem since day one. There is a lot of fun in this phase, requiring a lot of ingenuity, hacking, and validating.
- You have strong troubleshooting skills. You are not afraid to parse logs, look at machine metrics or go deep into the code to understand what went wrong. You do not jump to conclusions, but act based on facts and evidence.
- You are dedicated to dig deep. You also don't stop at the first solution, but are willing to go beyond and check the source code of frameworks and understand them as you know that a small change can make a huge difference in the end.
- You are persistent. It is not uncommon to find no answers on stackoverflow for some of the problems we encounter.
- You are a team player. You work well in the team, are willing to share the knowledge, and want to help others as you know only a strong team can succeed.

- Good knowledge of modern web technologies with focus on Vanilla JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
- Understanding of various software paradigms and architecture styles (REST, OOP, MVC, etc).
- Basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
- Experience with relational databases.

Kandidatom ponujamo

At Celtra it is all about looking beyond the surface, beyond the numbers, and really trying to see the qualities that are at the core of each person, their talents; the discovered ones or better still, the undiscovered ones. We look for people who naturally want to take responsibility for their own success, and strive to do something that has a tangible impact. To our best talent, we give them the freedom to do the unusual.

Here is what we offer:
- A competitive benefits and compensation package
- We place great importance on the professional development of our employees
- Comprehensive health coverage and additional pension insurance
- We provide plenty of opportunities for employees to seek a more active and healthy lifestyle. We provide a dedicated budget for any kind of sport activities employees are passionate about, and we sponsor group sports activities such as basketball and yoga lessons.
- We provide employees with top-notch working equipment and an additional budget for your home office.


Apply via https://celtra.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0u2dd/

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

Ljubljana / Remote
3000 - 4000 EUR gross per month + 13% -15% bonus (fixed) for mid-level + bonus 15%-17% of yearly gross salary and 4000 - 5000 EUR gross per month for senior engineers + bonus 15%-17% of yearly gross salary EUR EUR / mesec
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Modern web technologies (Javascript / TypeScript / CSS / HTML) and frameworks (VueJS / React / Angular).
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O podjetju

Celtra is an ad-tech company that develops enterprise software for automating and scaling the production of marketing content. In the past years, Celtra has built two world-class products, Creative Enablement (CE) & Creative Automation (CA).
Creative Enablement is already a growing market leader for a couple of years, helping companies such as CNN, TripAdvisor, Bloomberg, NBCU, ... to enable creativity and improve the quality of their advertising inventory. Our technology enables customers to generate and serve thousands of ads in seconds. Celtra's younger CA product is chasing a much bigger opportunity by helping brands make content creation better, faster, and more efficient. It is still in the early days of development and lots of features need to be developed, but it already has an impressive list of customers such as Spotify, adidas, Shopify, Unilever, P&G Lululemon.

Our global team is a collection of talented individuals with unique backgrounds but in Ljubljana we are mostly focusing our efforts on building and growing a talented and innovative product development team. A lot has happened since Celtra launched its first creative software in 2010. Yet there is one thing that has remained constant: our passion to build software that makes content creation better, faster, and more efficient.At Celtra the end goal is to build great and quality products and make our users' life easier. We are on a journey to create something new in the creative technology space.