SENIOR FRONT-END DEVELOPER @ Hooray Studios d.o.o.

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Hooray Heroes Land is on the lookout for new SUPER heroes. In 2019, we sold 1 MILLION unique personalized books and generated more than €27 million in revenue, which is more than 100% growth in profit compared to the year before. Currently, our books are available on 10 different markets all over the globe. Our goal for the next few years is to further conquer most parts of Europe, North America, and Australia, and create new products to put smiles on many new readers' faces, both young and old, small and big, children and adults. To help us achieve this mission, we are looking for a person to take over the role of: Senior FRONT-END developer.

We are looking for a superhero to fill a Senior Frontend Developer position. If you are a motivated problem solver who is looking for a new challenge, we invite you to join and grow with us while producing products our customers love.

We value "culture add" over "culture fit" so your idea might become a product and you might end-up rich! While the compensation depends on your experience and qualification, the approximate salary for this position can add up to 3800€ (gross).

We know you are happy, but could you be even happier? Keep on reading!

Od kandidatov zahtevamo

What kind of superpowers are we looking for?

- Proficient knowledge of English language,
- proven skills in JavaScript, ES6/7, TypeScript,
- excellent understanding of HTML/HTML5 and CSS/SCSS, as well as related tools,
- production experience with modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js,
- ability to architect and build UI libraries and components to deliver exceptional UX across our products,
- strong knowledge of REST concepts and HTTP protocols,
- expertise with refactoring and modernising legacy monolithic applications,
- experience in writing product specifications and documentation,
- experience with Jira or similar tools,
- passion for problem solving,
- ability to master calmness even if there's an army of bugs ready to attack!

Kandidatom ponujamo

What we offer in return for your superpowers?

- Along-term employment opportunity to work with experienced team of fellow superheroes with all sorts of superpowers,
- a chance to work on interesting and challenging tasks for world-wide customers,
- agile and product-oriented process and culture,
- opportunity to improve your skills even if you already are the most experienced superhero (books, training, events, conferences, ...),
- flexible schedule and opportunity to work from home on non-regular basis,
- modern office space and work equipment by your choice,
- kitchen full of goods such as cereals, fresh fruit, beverages and because our office is located near city centre a variety of good restaurants and bars,
- participation in table football tournaments and much more!


How does this work?

- You read this ad,
- it sparks your interest or makes you want to know more,
- you tell us you are interested, and we invite you to meet our awesome team,
- you verify that all written here is true and you become a "hero",
- you tell everyone how amazing your life has become,
- you bring your awesome friends and earn sweet referral bonus.

What to know what we are doing? Have a look at this video https://hooraystudios.com/ to see how our books are made. And if you still aren't sure if you should apply, here are some more reasons why join us https://hooraystudios.com/why-work-with-us/.

Don't ignore this opportunity, come and check it out. The worst that can happen is that you pass on the opportunity that might change your life.

P.S. Don't dress up, don't update your CV and don't study algorithms. Just come.

The Chair is waiting. Come and claim what is yours! Apply via career@hooraystudios.com.

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do 3800 (bruto) EUR / mesec
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O podjetju

EVERY STORY STARTS SOMEWHERE ... Ours started from the heart.
A few years ago two friends became uncles. It was the first time their lives were touched by someone so small and yet so important. They searched for the perfect gift, something special and personal enough that would demonstrate how they felt. They could not find one. So they decided to create one.

Our mission is to make products that go above and beyond the boundaries of personalization and create stories with sparks of magic for children and adults alike.
Our Vision is to create a magical, timeless experience for every single child in the world so they can see themselves as the heroes of their own stories.

WE DO NOT JUST SHOOT FOR THE STARS ... we aim to go beyond! We are not afraid to set our bar as high as the furthest star the eye can see.

Over the past few years, our team has grown exponentially. Like, really fast. We have gone from 4 people in a garage to a team of over 120 passionate and dedicated professionals divided into 14 departments.

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1. One Of a Kind Working Environment
Controlled chaos is something that we all feel comfortable in. A mixture of high expectations, constant collaboration, excitement, and fun gives us space where we are allowed to be creative, out of the box and productive.

2. Inspiring Team
We are a group of passionate, goal-oriented and creative people. Being spontaneous is something that is natural to us, also to be self-initiating and flexible. We do not need external motivation because we are already on fire!

3. We Are Proud Of What We Do
We are all proud ambassadors and number one fans of our products. Feedback we receive from our customers is our fuel. It provides us with an amazing, crazy good feeling that we are doing something great and meaningful.

4. We Like To Hang Out And Celebrate
We surely work hard but we also know how to have a great time. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments and everything good. There is always an opportunity to toast to, make popcorn for, or to inspire a movie night.

5. Well-Stocked Kitchen
We take good breakfast and coffee very seriously. That is why our kitchen is well-stocked with healthy cereals, fresh fruit, milk and everything needed to keep our stomachs happy.

6. We are One Big Family
We succeed and celebrate together, we fail together, and we cry together. We are not ashamed to ask for help and we gladly offer support to our coworkers in need. It is really great to have a second family.

7. We are Passionate As Hell
Passion is the key to our success. That is all we have to say!

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