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We are looking for an infrastructure engineer with a DevOps set of mind to join our team responsible for building and supporting cloud based solutions for our enterprise customers. We expect a strong basis in scripting and automation and at least some experience with containers and orchestration platforms as well as with cloud infrastructure.

Our team’s daily challenges:
- Development of cloud infrastructure and services in an automated fashion.
- Continuous improvement, automation and maintenance of our existing production systems.
- Enabling our internal development teams by building, providing and supporting tooling to support them with deployment and operation of the products they are developing.
- Advocating for good security practices across company.
- Contributing to architectural decisions.
- Actively participating in peer code reviews.
- Coach and mentor less experienced colleagues.
- Contribute to the improvement of team’s ways of working.
- Debug and creatively solve day to day technical issues.

We use tools and services such as: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, Azure, AWS, Gitlab, Grafana, ELK, Prometheus, Jaeger, Kafka, …

Position is available for individual of a mid / senior level of experience.

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Must haves:
- *nix love and hands-on knowhow
- Knowledge of at least one script language (bash/python) is a must
- Ability to self learn and attention to detail
- Good security posture
- Analysis and problem-solving skills
- You are fluent in written and spoken English language
- Experience with git version control system.
- Latest technologies and industry best-practices intrigue you

Extra points:
- You can code and debug golang.
- You are proficient in Ansible.
- You have a solid knowledge and experience working with one of the major cloud infrastructure providers (AWS/Azure/GCP).
- You have a solid knowledge and experience operating Kubernetes clusters.
- You have experience with complex multi-tier applications powering a high-traffic web service on a global scale

Total Awesomes:
- You build your systems in the morning and hack them after lunch.
- You excel at GIF memes.

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Career development
- We want the company to evolve, and we want everyone to flourish with it. Our career development options include full time employment, competitive salaries and extra bonuses.

Work environment
- We strive to offer superb working conditions and wellbeing at our company: from lovely office environment, necessary tools and equipment, to fully stocked kitchen and bookshelves. And we don't mind a furry assistant either (yes, we are talking about dogs).

Global reach
- Our work, team, partners and mindset are international. We take great pride in our global outlook and continuously learn from it.

Work ethics
- It's important that work gets done, but it's even more significant how it gets done. We stick to a limited hour work week, encourage remote work, and put family first.

- We don't take shortcuts. We offer medical insurance as a part of the Slovenian national healthcare system, actively take health precautions, and support and organize sport activities.

- Social bonds are an important part of team and work dynamics, but are also a bedrock for the community around it. We strengthen these bonds at informal events and of course, around food.

Social awareness
- Everyone decides for themselves how to contribute to a better society. As a company, we support and contribute to various causes with sponsorships, donations, volunteer work and mindfulness.

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2000-4600 bruto EUR / mesec
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Infrastruckture engineer
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