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3fs is a digital product studio. We launch independent ventures, partner with established companies and build the community that makes it all possible.

Would you say that you like to:
 create products instead of project deliverables;
 work in integrated teams (business, design, engineering);
 be dedicated to a single product at a time;
 in direct contact with users & partner’s stakeholders;
 and own the whole design process to
 make technology meaningful and humane?
Then we think alike. We invite you to join us as a full-time product designer on web, mobile, cloud & IoT products that we are developing in collaboration with our international partners.

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Send us your CV if you are interested and have some previous experiences in the field.

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Career development
- We want the company to evolve, and we want everyone to flourish with it. Our career development options include full time employment, competitive salaries and extra bonuses.

Work environment
- We strive to offer superb working conditions and wellbeing at our company: from lovely office environment, necessary tools and equipment, to fully stocked kitchen and bookshelves. And we don't mind a furry assistant either (yes, we are talking about dogs).

Global reach
- Our work, team, partners and mindset are international. We take great pride in our global outlook and continuously learn from it.

Work ethics
- It's important that work gets done, but it's even more significant how it gets done. We stick to a limited hour work week, encourage remote work, and put family first.

- We don't take shortcuts. We offer medical insurance as a part of the Slovenian national healthcare system, actively take health precautions, and support and organize sport activities.

- Social bonds are an important part of team and work dynamics, but are also a bedrock for the community around it. We strengthen these bonds at informal events and of course, around food.

Social awareness
- Everyone decides for themselves how to contribute to a better society. As a company, we support and contribute to various causes with sponsorships, donations, volunteer work and mindfulness.

Klasifikacija delovnega mesta

2000-4600 bruto EUR / mesec
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